1674956731 Coyote Rivera revealed he tried to bring Guerrero to Cristal

‘Coyote’ Rivera revealed he tried to bring Guerrero to Cristal: "He didn’t want to because he’s a member of the Alliance"

Coyote Rivera revealed he tried to bring Guerrero to Cristal

Playing in the subdivisions of the blue and white team, the “Predator” had the opportunity to reach the light blue club at the request of his brother.

A few days earlier, Argentina Racing Club confirmed the signing of the national striker Paul Guerrero for the 2023 season. The ‘Predator’ will play for the first time in this country after passing Avaí in Brazil. in the middle, Julio “Coyote” Riverathe attacker’s brother, gave an interview for Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe’s YouTube program and revealed that he wants to ingest the ‘Predator’ Sporting Crystal when he was in the smaller divisions of Alliance of Lima.

“He always liked being around the neighborhood and playing ball, he was born with that talent. My relationship with him is very good, he loves me very much. When he was little in the lower leagues, I wanted to take him to Cristal. He said no because he was a member of the Alliance,” he said.

Also, the former soccer player shared some details about his relationship with the Peru team forward. “My mother told me that he was fine and that he was scoring goals. I said to him: ‘It’s okay for this white boy, let him come and see me play.’ So you can see how it’s played.’ He bit his lip and looked at me,” he said.

Paolo Guerrero’s numbers in 2022

Paul Guerrero arrives at Run 39 years old and after a long career in Brazil and Germany. In 2022, the Peruvian forward defended Avaí del Brasileirao’s shirt, in which he made 10 competitive appearances and failed to score. Previously he was with Bayern Munich, Hamburg, Corinthians, Flamengo and Internacional de Porto Alegre.