Crisis at Just for Laughs ComediHa ready to help

Crisis at Just for Laughs: ComediHa! ready to help

The finances of CodiHa! are doing well and their founding president, Sylvain Parent-Bédard, says he is ready to help artists, employees and organizations affected by the crisis hitting Just for Laughs.

“We [ComediHa!] We don't have any debts. “Over the last 25 years we have made it our duty to manage our finances in a healthy and responsible way,” claims Sylvain Parent-Bédard, together with Le Journal, referring only for fun to the group’s debts in the millions.

“In a crisis situation like this, support, mutual help and listening are very important; When artists, venues, employees or broadcasters need help, we listen, but first we take the time to carefully analyze everything,” continues the man, who says he is saddened by the situation in which his friends and colleagues find themselves from Just. are for the Laughs Group.

  • Listen to the interview with Sylvain Parent-Bédard, founding president of Agence ComediHa! on Mario Dumont's show via QUB :

At the helm of a festival that is very successful in Quebec, Mr. Parent-Bédard has never hidden his intention to expand his activities to Montreal. However, he believes it is too early to comment on the impact of the crisis at Just for Laughs on his organization.

“Right now we’re focused on what we do best: a comedy festival in Quebec City,” he says. “The comedy world in Quebec is full of talent, we cannot question that […] We want to continue to consolidate ourselves as important players in the industry and continue our growth thanks to our risk tolerance.”