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Cristian Imparato presents his new friend on social networks: This is him Curler Bigodino.it

The singer presented his new flame on social networks: let’s get to know her better

In the last few hours, the name of Learned Christian returned to occupy the pages of the main tabloids. The reason? Gossip lovers haven’t gone unnoticed by the singer’s social shots showing off her new boyfriend. Let’s find out together who it is.

Learned Christian

The cheerfulness has returned in the life of Cristian Imparato and today the singer happily lives his love story with the new fiance. For some time now, the singer has been sharing footage of him with the young man on his Instagram page. But who is the new companion of Singer? Let’s find out together.

On December 31, 2022, Cristian Imparato shared on his Instagram page a shot that made the pages of the main tabloids chatter. According to the post in question, the singer would have actually found peace again alongside his new one Pursue.

But who is the one who stole Cristian’s heart? It has to be said that we don’t know at the moment The identity of the boy as the singer never tagged him in the shots shared on his social page. In the last hours the gossip expert Deianira Marzano revealed more information about the couple.

Learned Christian

Cristian Imparato ready to marry his new partner? The indiscretion

In the last few hours, rumors that Cristian Imparato is ready for action have been growing wedding with her boyfriend. To break the news, gossip expert Deianira Marzano wrote on her Instagram page:

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As I announced to you some time ago, new love for Cristian Imparato and they seem to live together, we are talking about marriage… happy!

At the moment the prospect has neither confirmed nor denied the gossip in circulation. We’ll just have to wait the next few days to find out if there’s any news on this much-discussed affair.