Cristiano Iovino This is how the truth of the personal

Cristiano Iovino: This is how the “truth” of the personal trainer can change the story of the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi

In the long farewell between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, the truth is no longer clear. The personal trainer Cristiano Iovino has actually denied the reconstruction of the showgirl that was delivered on Netflix and soon in bookstores with the volume “What a Fool” in which Blasi supported “my truth”. This means that the husband misunderstood an exchange of messages with the entrepreneur and his girlfriend Alessia Soldani and wrongly accused her of cheating on him. To then do it yourself with Noemi Bocchi. Iovino said there was an “intimate encounter” with Blasi and not just coffee. And that the story ended when she met Bastian Müller, her current partner. The entrepreneur also stated that he was ready to testify to his “truth” in court.

Separation with charge

And this will inevitably have an impact on the case that will be heard in the civil court of Rome. In fact, Iovino was called by Totti as a witness in the divorce proceedings. If he also repeats in the chamber what he said to the Messaggero, it could change the outcome of the trial. In fact, both ex-spouses want to separate with accusations against the other. And that has both legal and, above all, economic consequences. For example, Judge Simona Rossi could deny her maintenance money. But that wouldn't be a problem for Blasi, who has his own career and is financially independent of Totti. But, the newspaper explains today, the presenter could also be excluded from the inheritance axis.

The Totti-Blasi negotiations

Or Iovino's words could lead to another concrete effect. That is, the possibility that the two ex-spouses will reach an agreement through their lawyers and put a tombstone on the story and the associated gossip it has generated. In this sense, Totti's summons of Iovino as a witness could be a way to put a weapon on the negotiating table: There are those who say that you were the first to betray me. Let's reach an agreement and finalize everything before the decision of a judge who could do you wrong is the point of reasoning. Ilary might counterattack if she has evidence – as she has said on several occasions, “When I speak, I make half of Rome cry…” – of her husband's even earlier betrayals. Totti's much-discussed flirtation with Flavia Vento was denied by the latter, who said she had had relationships with the former Roma captain before he met Blasi.

Guest at Verissimo

However, Ilary should also support the media backlash resulting from the fact that if Iovino told the truth, she used a documentary and a book to lie to public opinion. Or rather, to tell “one's truth,” which, as often happens in such stories, does not correspond to the reality of the facts. Perhaps Blasi thought she would use the media – and the tears on Netflix – to change public opinion after the interview in which Totti openly accused her. Trusting in the discretion of those who could reject her, she rejected direct confrontation that might have gotten her into trouble or forced her to reexamine her public certainties. She certainly hasn't given up: on Sunday, January 28th, she will be a guest at Silvia Toffanin's Verissimo to prove Iovino wrong.

Alex Nuccetelli and his friendship with Iovino

Meanwhile, Alex Nuccetelli, Totti's historical friend who introduced him to both Ilary and Noemi, says something interesting about the affair in an interview with Messaggero. He claims that Iovino's words are “the tip of the iceberg” and that his friend is instead hiding in silence “out of grace” because “he wants to protect his children.” Above all, he states that he believes Iovino because “I know him.” And he adds cryptically that “some roles you are assigned in life lead you to abuse arrogance.” It's entirely plausible. If Nuccetelli knows Iovino, it is possible that Totti also met him, perhaps after discovering the affair.

The chats

And then there are the chats. Totti spoke about it first and claimed the messages were clear. Ilary responded and claimed that Francesco had subjected her and her friend Soldani to a real “interrogation” at the time, during which she felt convicted due to a lack of evidence. According to Iovino, these chats exist and clearly deny the history of coffee. Perhaps the truth comes from these words. That she will no longer be Unique, as was evident from Ilary's tears and declarations of love on Netflix. And these chats will perhaps help bring a more human dimension to what seemed like a communications battle between opposing versions of convenience.

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