Cristiano Ronaldo has been awarded more than 300000 by the

Cristiano Ronaldo has been awarded more than $300,000 by the lawyer for the woman who accused him of rape

For her part, the complainant previously explained that the Portuguese striker’s lawyers pressured her to sign an arbitration agreement. Now a US judge has ruled that “CR7” will receive a hefty sum in compensation for the costs he incurred defending himself in the case.

The Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo received more than $300,000 in compensation Leslie Mark StovallLawyer for the woman who reported the player for rape in 2018. According to The Athletic, Judge Jennifer Dorsey, who dismissed the case in mid-2022, found that plaintiff ‘CR7”s legal representative must financially compensate him for the costs he incurred defending himself against the allegation.

In its June 2022 ruling, the Las Vegas, Nevada magistrate warned of “severe penalties” for Stovall for the “bad faith use” of “falsified documents” as evidence on behalf of her client.

“I believe the continued obtaining and use of these documents was in bad faith and simply disqualifying Stovall will not remedy Ronaldo’s injury as the concealed documents and their confidential content have been woven into the very fabric of the plaintiff’s claims,” ​​ruled The lawyer now has to pay $334,000 in reimbursement to the Portuguese.

    Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia.  Photo: EFE

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia. Photo: EFE

The events leading up to the complaint happened in 2009 when the player and the woman met at a Las Vegas hotel, but they didn’t come to light until 2018, the year the complainant filed a lawsuit in court over the $375,000 to void the settlement agreement she allegedly signed in 2010.

The plaintiff, who is seeking $77 million in damages, claimed the Al-Nassr forward’s legal team pressured her to accept the deal, taking advantage of her “fragile emotional state.”

In 2019, following a leak of documents, it was revealed that Ronaldo’s lawyers confirmed the amount of this arbitration, which was agreed with the aim of “preserving the confidentiality of the dispute”. For his part, the footballer always maintained that his meeting with the woman was consensual.

Eventually, the case was dismissed in 2022 after it was recommended that the complaint be filed in 2021 on the grounds that the documents provided by the plaintiff, which were leaked by Football Leaks, should not have been in their possession as they were Acted messages exchanged between Cristiano and lawyers, files protected by US law.