1677392129 Cristiano Ronaldo reveals who the 2 best players he faces

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals who the 2 best players he faces are

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals who the 2 best players he faces

The Al Nassr forward reviewed his football career and didn’t hesitate to comment on which footballers made it the most difficult.

Cristiano Ronaldo is entering a new and exotic phase in his career as a professional soccer player. After making his mark on all the teams he played for, the 38-year-old Portuguese forward left Europe and signed with Al Nassr from the Professional League in Saudi Arabia, an Asian country where he makes his mark with his presence and game. Although his great performance is a trend every week since he has not stopped scoring goals since his debut, in the last few hours there has been an information where the “bug” shows who were the best footballers he faced.

Since its debut in 2002, The Commander has seen great generations of players traverse, from rivals who have already retired to promises that have broken it in recent years. Still, there are two players Cristiano believes are unbeatable: Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane.

The best footballer I’ve ever seen on a pitch? messi Probably him and Zidane. Of those I played against, those I fought against, yes, them,” he commented in an interview he gave to Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo looks at the classics against Lionel Messi when they played in Spain and the clashes between FC Barcelona and Manchester United it was always respectful. Not only because of the game the Argentine foisted on the field, but also because of the ability to define games. For his part, he remembers Zidane elimination in the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup in Germanyinternational championship where Portugal was closest to glory.