Cuban actor Tomas Cao reinvents himself as a supermarket employee

Cuban actor Tomás Cao reinvents himself as a supermarket employee in the USA

The actor Thomas Cao seems to have joined the list of Cuban artists who, after emigrating to the United States, “reinvented” themselves in other professions away from film sets and stages.

A photo that went viral on networks shows him with his colleague, also an actor, producer and presenter. Junior Martinez Foncecawhile he was reportedly working at a Publix supermarket.

Facebook Capture/Junior M Fonceca

“What a joy to find a tough guy in the medium of artistic acting. Tomás Cao Uriza, thank you very much for the conversation,” Fonceca wrote next to the photo on his Facebook profile, a publication that was shared on several pages of the social network.

In the Urban Biography profile, his colleague, actress Lili Santiesteban, left a fraternal and emotional comment: “My beautiful and noble Tomás, you must always reinvent yourself and start from scratch, you are the best and you will be in everything you do do, be.” I respect, admire and love you very much.”

Hundreds of people also expressed their admiration for the actor in the post and wished him success in his work.

Cao, 45, settled in the US in 2017 and lives in Florida, according to independent media.

The actor has had a long and important career in Cuban cinema, theater and television.

He played the main role in the film Sergio y Serguei (2017), by filmmaker Ernesto Daranas. In 2015, he played one of the protagonists of Fátima or the Parque de la Fraternidad, directed by actor Jorge Perugorría.

Cao is also known for his characters in the films Viva (2016), La amboscada (2015), Conducta (2014), Ana’s Movie (2013), The Horn of Plenty (2008) and for his debut in Habana Blues in 2005.

His performance in the film La Emboscada by director Alejandro Gil earned him an award Nominated for the Platinum Ibero-American Cinema Awards.

Cao is also a well-known theater actor. In 2016, the UNEAC Association of Performing Artists awarded him the prize Cartoon Award by male actors for his role in the same film.

His characters on Cuban television have also brought him great popularity, such as the series UNO, Valientes and several episodes of Tras la piedra as well as the television plays En agosto nos vers and Los aretes que le missed a la luna; for the latter he received the Adolfo Llauradó Male Performance Award.

In 2018, the actor took part in an episode of the popular television show “Case Closed”. Ana Maria PoloFact, that was was exploited by the official Cuban press to criticize and ridicule the famous actor.