Cuban television is broadcasting a film quotHavana Bluesquot uncensored

Cuban television is broadcasting a film "Havana Blues" uncensored

The Cuban television broadcast the film uncensored Havana Blues and that surprised a lot of people because the movie shows that harsh reality of life in Cuba.

The journalist and writer Joel del Rio He commented on the news on Facebook and received dozens of reactions from artists who worked on the film.

Facebook Joel del Rio

Among them is Roberto San Martin Who said he didn’t believe it? “Uncensored?”, he asked himself. Joel replied, “From end to end. I was waiting for your catharsis scene and it came out in one piece.”

Havana Blues is a Spanish-Cuban co-production that premiered in 2005. It was largely filmed in the country’s capital with actors and musicians from the island.

The film directed by the Spanish Benito Zambranoreflects the problems of everyday life in Cuba and therefore its broadcast on national television was banned for almost two decades.

In one Country that suppresses freedom of expression It is contradictory to see that, in the midst of the current severe economic, political and social crisis, the regime is broadcasting this film despite what it represents.

Zambrano’s script is still absolutely valid today. Havana Blues It is considered one of the most brilliant works of Cuban musical cinema and won the award two Goya Awards in 2005.

It also won Best Film by a Director from Another Region at the 27th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

In addition to its excellent soundtrack, it was distinguished by the performances of Alberto Joel García, Roberto San Martín and Yailene Sierra, among other important artists and musical groups.