Cured of cancer Luc Lavoie announces his return to the

Cured of cancer, Luc Lavoie announces his return to the ether

Political columnist Luc Lavoie has overcome the cancer that has stricken him and now intends to go back on the air next week.

“The nightmare is over,” the former political advisor and journalist shouted on his Facebook account on Tuesday evening.

“My doctors told me this afternoon that my treatments and surgery were a complete success. My convalescence is also over and I will be back on the air next week,” he continued, thanking his doctors and the netizens who have encouraged him over the past few months.

The panelist for the “La Joute” program at the LCN announced last September that he had to take a step back to treat cancer he had been diagnosed with a few weeks earlier.

“Medicine has advanced a lot in recent years, which makes me dream of a complete cure. But before I get there, I still have many months to devote all my energy to this fight,” explained Mr. Lavoie.

The news of the columnist’s recovery spread like wildfire on social networks in the evening, hundreds of netizens sent the columnist their congratulations.