Daniel throws his babys 1st birthday party and charms

Daniel throws his baby’s 1st birthday party and charms

Daniel celebrates his baby’s 1st birthday with a nice party and surprises

the singer’s house Daniel having a party! The youngest of the family celebrates her first year of life. The artist is the proud father of three girls. The firstborn is Lara, 13 years old. While Luiza, who recently turned 11, was promoted to middle child. Baby Olivia, who was born on January 28th last year, celebrates her 1st birthday this Saturday. The trio is the result of the sertanejo’s marriage to the ballerina Aline of Padua.

The drooling dads made it a point to share their baby’s growth with fans over the months. That’s why mom organized a nice rehearsal for her youngest on the 28th of every month. With the right to costumes and sometimes special performances by the family! On social networks, the artist and his wife shared the beautiful photos with netizens, amazed by the cuteness of the little girl.

For the little one’s birthday party, Daniel and his wife spared no energy and joy. In a post on social media, the dancer even told fans that preparations for celebrating the youngest child’s birthday were in full swing.

On this Saturday afternoon (28th), Aline began to show details of the decoration of the beautiful party. The theme chosen was “Pâtisserie da Oliva”, a type of French bakery specializing in sweets, snacks and many delicacies.

In the pictures, the artist showed every detail of the party, from the table with lots of delicious sweets, colorful balloons, flowers to a cupcake workshop made exclusively for the child to practice their culinary skills.

In another recording Daniel posed with the characters, each dressed up as a different candy. The sertanejo’s wife seemed very excited and was having fun dancing with some of the guests. The birthday girl posed with her sisters. The little girl wore a beautiful blue dress with a bow in the same color as her outfit. Lara and Luiza appeared smiling next to the youngest while holding the baby in their arms.

Daniel celebrates his baby's 1st birthday with a nice party

Reproduction Instagram Daniel is celebrating his baby’s 1st birthday with a lovely party

Daniel and Aline de Pádua are celebrating their baby's 1st birthday and are very happy

Reproduction Instagram Daniel and Aline de Pádua celebrate their baby’s 1st birthday with a beautiful party

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