1676889498 Daniele Dal Moro on GF Vip Thats why I fell

Daniele Dal Moro on GF Vip: “That’s why I fell in love with Oriana Marzoli”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Daniele Dal Moro confessed yesterday in the kitchen in front of Nicole Murgia and Ivana Mrazova: “That’s why I fell in love with bebe”, referring to Oriana Marzoli. The former Tronista would have put his doubts about his tenant behind him, after the confession he pulled her to him to kiss her.

Daniele Dal Moro on GF Vip Thats why I fell

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Oriana Marzoli And Daniele Dal Moro they no longer hold back their interest. Their on-and-off relationship originated in the home of VIP Big Brother he seems to have found some peace and after the kiss in the sunlight that made their acquaintance official, the former Men and Women Tronista leaked a confession yesterday. Two days ago, Dal Moro put his tenant against the wall for everyone to kiss: in the past few days he has also pushed away his ex Martina Nasoni, a newcomer to the house, to avoid misunderstandings with his Spanish competitor. Last night in the kitchen: “I fell in love with bebe”.

The confession of Daniele Dal Moro

“Reason why I fell in love with Bebe, sweetheart, elegance”: With a joking tone and a funny voice, Daniele Dal Moro confessed to having a feeling for Oriana Marzoli. In front of him was Marzoli herself, then Nicole Murgia, who punctuated her words with the episode “But she said one thing, ‘that’s why I fell in love’, oh”. Ivana Mrazova also heard: “There is some truth in every joke.” Oriana Marzoli did not comment on the words of her tenant, she hugged him tightly and smiled.

The kiss between Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro

After the initial crisis, Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro no longer hide from the realization triggered by the former Tronista’s lack of trust in his tenant. In the last few days, the VIP has decided to put aside all his doubts and live the adventure in the GF VIP. After always exchanging outpourings in bed under the covers, they hugged and kissed in front of everyone two days ago. Also yesterday, after the confession in the kitchen, Daniele made fun of her with amusement and pulled her towards him in a funny voice to kiss her.

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