Daniella is one of the Hamas hostages her boyfriend asks

Daniella is one of the Hamas hostages, her boyfriend asks her parents for her hand in marriage: “When the bride is free leggego.it

A love beyond the boundaries of war. Daniella Gilboa He is 19 years old, but since October he has been living in an endless nightmare. She was kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas and appeared last Friday along with two other girls in a video recorded by the enemy army. Daniella is alive, but she cannot know that her boyfriend Roy, 20, wants to marry her and that her parents have approved his marriage proposal. Despite the blessing given, the most important “yes” of all is missing: Daniella’s.

The application

«My son asked Daniella's parents for her hand in marriage and they said yes, even though they are only 19-20 years old. Immediately afterwards, he shouted into the sky: “I will ask you to marry me,” the young Israeli’s father told the Maariv newspaper. Roy prays every day that Daniella will be released and return to him and her family, surrounded by the love she deserves. Only when the girl is released can the young man propose to her and stop praying for her once and for all.

The Hamas video

In the video, Daniella appears to be healthy, although she has an injured leg. She is accompanied by two other prisoners, Karina Ariev and Doron Steinbrecher: all three have accused the Jewish state of abandoning them and asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a “ceasefire” before it is too late. Daniella demands freedom and an end to the war. When the 19-year-old's family sees her on video, they are relieved and happy that she is still alive after three months in prison: “She seems strong and that encourages us all.” It not only gives us hope, but also true happiness,” said Roy’s father.


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