1676716101 Danilo Carrera finally reveals why he didnt want to have

Danilo Carrera finally reveals why he didn’t want to have a child with his ex Michelle Renaud

Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud, who joined in 2018 while recording the soap opera “moon daughter‘ and a year later they formalized theirs engagementmaintained one of the most solid of show business. During the time they were together, they became one of the couples further Darling in the middle until they announced theirs separation through a release in their respective accounts instagram.

“With all the sadness in the world, but knowing that no one is taking what we danced from, we want to tell you that we have made the decision to end our beautiful relationship. Today we love each other more than ever; We learned a lot together and we thank you for all the expressions of affection for our relationship. Don’t worry only the romantic relationship will end but never our friendship and great companionship. We are still very happy to work together on Quererlo todo,” they said at the time.

Danilo Carrera finally reveals why he didnt want to have

Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud split because the actor wasn’t quite ready to become a father.

The truth is that there has been a lot of speculation about it Reasons this prompted the couple to take them Decision place End to his Relationshipuntil Michelle explained that he wanted to give her one little brother to his son marceloHowever, Career I was not sure prepared become Father.

Despite this, the actor has mentioned for some time that he wants to become one fatherand now, for First Time, revealed He Ground for what NO wanted one Son with his ex girlfriend, Michelle Renaud. “There are moments, phases in your life that you choose that weren’t there. Ultimately I think that you learn, grow and develop. It’s already a part of the past,” he said. Career to the media.

1676716095 626 Danilo Carrera finally reveals why he didnt want to have

Danilo Carrera believes now is the time to have a child with his current girlfriend, who little is known about.

Although he didn’t reveal that identity your stream Pair, Daniel has claimed to be very in loveand even gave hints that he had contracted Marriage with his brideWho do you want to form one with Family as quickly as possible. “I want to have children now. We even have a name,” the actor revealed.

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After their breakup Michelle Renaud And Daniel Carrera they have not had again Contact, and everyone turned the page. For her part, the actress is dating the Chilean actor and is very much in love Matthew Novoa. The Galant has only the best in this regard wishes for your Ex partner. “I’m very happy, at the end of the day everyone has their life and we’re no longer in a relationship. That’s why I can only wish Michelle the best. The truth is, when she’s happy, I’m happy for her,” the actor concluded .