Daughter of Andrea Noli and Jorge Salinas flaunts her boyfriend

Daughter of Andrea Noli and Jorge Salinas flaunts her boyfriend; They celebrated two years together

It's already grown! The alleged one unknown daughter of Jorge Salinasthat he would have had with the actress, Andrea Noli.

For example, the young woman posted on her social networks how happy she was to celebrate her birthday at such a young age. two years with her boyfriend who he started dating when he was 15.

Via his Instagram account The daughter of celebrities shared photos Here you can see how they take photos together in the mirror and are very visible Lover.

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And without ignoring the tenderness, the teenager and her boyfriend appear Romper Eeyore and Tigger or the popular characters from “Winnie the Pooh”.

'Two? Years?”, he wrote on Instagram, along with photos of what they've developed since then.

Andrea Noli and Jorge Salinas' daughter turned two with her boyfriend/Instagram

Once the young woman said that Her boyfriend is “gentlemanly, loving, funny” and that she liked him very much and was very happy with him.

The reaction of Andrea Noli and Gabriela Cataño

In addition, the young woman noticed that she had this Support from his mother for this relationship and commented: “They get along brilliantly. I think he loves him more than me.”

The actress also said about the beginning of such a small relationship: “Since I have always had this communication with her, it is so important. Given respectknow who you are, determine your place and your distance, know how to say “no.”'. So I'm not really worried. He’s a man from a very good family, from a very good home, and I’m very happy with that.”

Andrea Noli approves of her daughter's boyfriend / IG @anreanoli

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After two years together, the proud mom He wrote in the publication: “Congratulations!!!” Along with heart emojis.

The one who also showed him support was the one who would be his older sister, Gabrielathe daughter with whom Jorge Salinas had Adriana Catano and left him a white heart emoji.

Jorge Salinas did not recognize the daughter he had with Andrea Noli

The actor usually doesn't speak publicly about the topic because The now teenager would have been the result of infidelity on his part when he was married to Fátima Boggio. So when he was born He didn't recognize her and didn't live with her.

The topic has come up again and again in recent years In 2022, he publicly recognized her for the first time Referring to her as one of his daughters, he said: “I tell you: I am the only father of six children. “I’m always on guard.”

Jorge Salinas did not want to legally recognize the daughter he had with Andrea Noli / Liliana Carpio

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The reaction of Andrea Noli was happy at the time and it is known that the actor would have done so contacted his daughter, who was still a minor.

However, on other occasions, Andrea Noli seemed disappointed with how things went with this contact, even though she did He was glad that the young woman already had a relationship with her stepbrothers.