Davi pays attention to Big Fone goes to Paredao and

Davi pays attention to Big Fone, goes to Paredão and his brother's fans celebrate. “Best scenario

Davi answered Big Fone again.

Davi answered Big Fone again.

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O “BBB24” This week trolled the contestants. Great phone It rang five times and the first four times the person who answered the call didn't hear a message. Davi, who had decided to camp on the phone, answered most of the time. Only one was cared for by Alane.

And this Sunday (03) another ringtone shocked the residents of the house. Davi was once again the first to pick up the phone and heard the news that he would be in Paredão this evening. Guided by the voice, the brother announced to all other participants.

Web reacts with joy to Davi no Paredão

Virtually all fans on the Internet were happy about Davi's response to Big Fone. For those who speak out against the Bahian, the direct move to Paredão was a good consequence for him, who was on duty with Big Fone all these days.

But even for Davis admirers, the fact that his brother was nominated by Big Fone and not the leader gives him a chance to return in the Bate e Volta race. In addition, due to the dynamics of the week already announced by Tadeu Schmidt, the person blocked by Big Fone will have to nominate someone directly for Paredão.

NOW: Davi responds to Big Fone and is with Paredo.




— Brenno Moura (@brenno__moura)

March 3, 2024

David stood at the confessional door about to complain about camping on the phone for three days, and when he answered he was stopped


Sam (@twinarn)

March 3, 2024

Davi is a great player in this game, he spent three days on the big phone until he answered the call.



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