Dead man is revived after ambulance drives through hole in

Dead man is revived after ambulance drives through hole in road NaTelinha

Dead man comes back to life after ambulance drives through hole Photo: Reproduction/Internet

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An 80yearold Indian man who was declared dead was revived after the ambulance carrying his body crashed into a hole. The incident occurred last Thursday morning (11/1) in the city of Karnal in the Indian state of Haryana.

According to Indian broadcaster NDTV, Darshan Singh Brar was taken from Patiala to his home near Karnal, where grieving relatives gathered for the funeral service. Food had been prepared for the farewell ceremony and wood had been collected for cremation.

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While the ambulance was near Dhand village in Kaithal in Haryana state, it crashed heavily into a pothole. Darshan's grandson Balwan Singh, who accompanied the body's repatriation, noticed that the elderly man unexpectedly moved one of his hands shortly after the vehicle passed the “crater”.

When he felt a heartbeat, Balwan asked the ambulance driver to go to the nearest hospital. This was done promptly. Doctors there declared him alive after conducting tests.

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The heart patient is currently being treated at a hospital in Karnal. His condition is considered critical. The family hailed the incident as a miracle and is now hoping for a recovery.

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Balwan said his grandfather fell ill and was taken to a hospital in Patiala by another grandson. After being on artificial respiration for four days, the elderly man was declared dead last Thursday (11/1) after all efforts to keep him alive had been exhausted.

“It is God’s grace that he is breathing now and we hope he gets better,” Balwan said.

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The case caused a stir in India and was widely reported in the local press. Medical experts still cannot explain what could have caused Darshan's revival. One hypothesis is that the ambulance's impact on the hole may have stimulated the elderly man's heart to work again. Another possibility is that Darshan was in a deep coma and not dead as diagnosed.

Darshan Brar's case is a reminder that life is a mystery and that science still has much to learn about how the human body works.

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