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Deadly US Police Control: Video Released

Police in Memphis, Tennessee have released several videos of a brutal sting operation after a 29-year-old black man died in the hospital.

In the videos now released, which were recorded by the body cameras of several police officers involved and by a stationary camera, it is possible to see Tire Nichols being stopped by the police in his car. The officers then pull him out of the car and throw him to the ground. There is a first altercation, after which Nichols flees.

Additional photos show several officers holding Nichols at another crossroads and hitting him repeatedly with their fists and a nightstick. At least one officer repeatedly kicks him in the head while the others pin Nichols to the ground. Emergency services drag the injured man to a nearby emergency vehicle and lean his upper body against the side of the vehicle, as seen in the video footage. The police officers who have since been released – also black – are charged with murder, grievous bodily harm and kidnapping.

The US government called for peaceful demonstrations to remain. “Violence is unacceptable,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. “We understand the outrage people are currently feeling and we understand how much (…) it is painful.” Previously, lawyers and family members of the 29-year-old victim had seen the recordings. Lawyers for the family described them as “disgusting”.