Death Stranding Norman Reedus makes a big announcement Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding: Norman Reedus makes a big announcement, Hideo Kojima responds

As The Walking Dead series comes to a close with its twelfth and final season, Norman Redus, the actor who plays the taciturn Daryl Dixon on the show, spoke to leoedit in an interview. He talks there in particular about his career but above all about his future projects and thus falls like a hair on the soup The Death Stranding sequel was already in the works.

An unexpected announcement

When the actor talked a lot about The Walking Dead, his new book The Ravaged, or his series of motorcycle trips Ride, he was asked a question about Death Stranding. When the interviewer mentioned the 2019 title Reedus, he dropped a little bombshell.

Ok, so you’ve got your book in the works, you’ve got the final season out, then the spinoff, and you’re shooting Death Stranding, the video game.

– We just started the second one.

how did we get here

– Guillermo Del Toro, who offered me my first film role, called me and said, “Hey, there’s a guy called Hideo Kojima, he’s going to call you, say yes.” And I say, “How do you say yes?” He says, “Stop fooling around, just say yes.” Then I was in San Diego and Hideo came over with a big group of people, he’s from Tokyo, and he showed me what he was working on on a game called Silent Hill. I was blown away by what he showed me and I thought, “Yeah, let’s do it.” It’s not Ms. Pacman; it’s so realistic, it’s so futuristic, it’s so intricate and beautiful, and I was blown away.

It took me two or three years to complete all MoCap sessions [ndlr : Capture de mouvement] and everything else. It takes a lot of work. And then the game came out and it won all these awards, and that was huge, so we started the second part of the game.

death stranding

This isn’t the first time the actor has talked about a possible sequel. In an interview with IGN Brasil last August, he said he believed a second Death Stranding was about to see the light of day and that negotiations were currently underway. This happened especially after his remarks in 2020, in which he said that he could participate in another project with Hideo Kojima.

It is also worth remembering that after the release of Death Stranding in November 2019, Kojima also expressed a desire to work with Norman Reedus again, but starting from scratch.

Already a reaction from Hideo Kojima

After this revelation Death Stranding’s father, Hideo Kojima, also spoke out on his Twitter account – not without humor. We can see in his post a series of shots showing him with Norman Reedus, all with references to The Walking Dead. Like Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), he seems intent on punishing his friend for leaking the information.

To this he added the phrase, “Go to your private room, my friend,” which could well refer to the Death Stranding universe — and more specifically, the room where the character of Sam Porter Bridges rests in the game.

Certainly, Hideo Kojima is not confirming anything, but his tweet seems to be heading in the direction of Norman Reedus’ statement. So Death Stranding 2 or not, we’ll have to wait a bit to know the ending of the story. In the meantime, you can still play the first installment, specifically the Director’s Cut version available since March 30, 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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Against all expectations, the official release of the PC version of Death Stranding Director’s Cut took place last night. Hideo Kojima’s title release date is finally set.