Death threats against Trudeau and Legault Germain Lemay is ready

Death threats against Trudeau and Legault: Germain Lemay is ready to start a trial on one of the allegations

Germain Lemay is accused of making death threats against Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and François Legault and is expected to have his files soon.

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His lawyer, Me Didier Pietropaolo, told the judge that his client was ready to begin trial on a single charge, namely pointing a firearm at the police officers who tried to arrest him at his home in Hampden on September 27.

The other six charges, including the four threats, are being considered for admission.

In videos broadcast on the social network TikTok last summer, the 30-year-old defendant, who used the pseudonym Freedom Fighters, made conspiratorial, hateful speeches against the prime ministers of Canada and Quebec, even going so far as to incite the population to counteract them Governments and their institutions to rebel.

Germain Lemay did not admit guilt on Wednesday.

Lawyers will try to find a date to continue the trial on January 12th.