Deborah Secco Recalls Orgasm Difficulties and Absurd Traces of Betrayal

Deborah Secco Recalls Orgasm Difficulties and Absurd Traces of Betrayal: “Men Don’t Know How to Cheat”

Deborah Secco gave the talk by revealing that she’s already received a millionaire proposal in exchange for sex. The actress was interviewed by Portuguese program Alta Definition on TV SIC and gave details of the indecent proposal. Recalling her reaction to the request, she confessed to cheating on old friends.

“I already got an offer of 10 million reais for a few nights at my place. But it’s never going to happen,” the star said. “I was upset because I’m not for sale and someone considering that possibility offends me a little. I’m such a real person, so true to what I feel and so intense,” he told host Daniel Oliveira.

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During the chat, Maria Flor’s mother opened up about infidelity and admitted to having already been cheated on and cheated on. “I’ve been cheated on by all my friends, in every respect. I spotted them all,” the star explained why. “Maybe because I’m a public person and things are easier for me. I have gossip journalists who call me and tell me everything. I have printouts of conversations,” the brunette recalls. She added: “I got in my car in the morning and had a condom purchase slip at night. Men do what they do best.”

Screenshot 2022 10 02 on 18.51.20The actress was a guest on the show “High Definition” and opened up about her personal life (Photo: Reproduction/SIC)

Deborah didn’t apologize about the guilt, but did explain that she might be able to handle extramarital affairs differently. “Men are not good at deception. The woman is more sophisticated. Whenever I cheated, I was never found out. They didn’t find out until I told them. I was at least minimally concerned about not disclosing the relationship and the people,” said the actress, who is currently married to model Hugo Moura.

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The protagonist of TV Globo’s Salvese Quem Puder, who isn’t afraid to tell the truth, was also great at sharing her relationship with sexuality. “It was very difficult for me to have an orgasm through penetration. It took me many years to get it. I did a Pompoarismo course, I went after that,” he explained.

She went on to explain how she now manages to be more comfortable in moments of joy. “It was only possible because I naturalized sex for myself. For me, sex is like drinking water, taking a shower. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to get that orgasm if it wasn’t naturalized. It’s very cruel,” he admitted. And he ended with a message to fans: “Talking about this is necessary. Women need to talk about it.” Watch the full interview below:

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