decides to avoid loss of viewership among evangelicals because of

decides to avoid loss of viewership among evangelicals because of scenes with the devil in a soap opera; understand

Renascer in its current version underwent some significant changes compared to the 1993 original. Globo asked the directing team to shorten the scenes with José Inocêncio's wellknown little devil (played by Marcos Palmeira), which appeared more often in the plot by Benedito Ruy Barbosa. According to the O Globo newspaper's Play column, this decision was made to prevent the more religious public from watching television. In Bruno Luperi's adaptation, the images of the bottle are blurry, distant, and show few details of the supernatural being.

As Notícias da TV reports, one of the adapted scenes in the first version took place when José Inocêncio, then played by Humberto Carrão, placed the bottle next to the image of Our Lady. In the script, the little devil dances, implying that he is making fun of the protagonist's decision. However, Globo decided to use computer graphics effects to obscure the appearance of the Cramulhão, unlike in the original version of Renascer, where it was possible to clearly see the creature's face and its interaction with the farmer.

The channel also uses camera tricks and reflections to prevent the image from becoming too obvious. Although greater interaction between José Inocêncio and the little devil was expected with technological advances, Globo management did not opt ​​for this approach. In addition, Bruno Luperi made changes to the story, turning Lívio (played by Jackson Costa in 1993 and Bruno da Matta in 2024) into a pastor, while the character was a priest in the first version. The religious man now falls in love with Joana (played by Tereza Seiblitz in the original version and Alice Carvalho in the remake) and doubts his role in the church.

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