Deliverable Robots Become Favorites in Japan

Deliverable Robots Become Favorites in Japan

The Japanese are constantly evolving technologies to make people’s lives easier. Delivery robots have recently been developed. They will be put on the market after the traffic regulations have been revised. The main purpose is to solve the labor shortage and rural isolation. See below for more details about this invention.

Delivery robot technology promises to make life easier for thousands of seniors

delivery robot.Photo: AFPJIJI / The Japan Times.

Even if the robots are still seen with an uneasy look, they are here to help. In this case, robots will mainly help elderly people living in rural areas who have difficulty accessing goods due to shortages. chronic delivery staff.

The DeliRo robot will have a charming appearance as it is meant to be humble and friendly. In addition, they are monitored by people who can intervene if necessary.

hot skills

This technology is already being used in Great Britain and China. In Japan, collisions and theft are a major concern. Therefore, the maximum permissible speed is 6 km/h.

Panasonic’s Hakobo robot will be able to stop when it detects obstacles such as buildings or vehicles ahead.

Four Hakobos are monitored by one person from the Fujisawa Control Center. In addition, the robots will be programmed to send realtime images of traffic lights to operators.

a gradual process

Authorities still believe that Japanese roads will not be taken over by this technology due to the possibility of stealing human jobs. In addition, SIT experts recognize that the technology will have limitations.

Although it seems safer to test the robots in rural areas first, companies say deploying them in big cities is more economically viable.

However, ZMP President Taniguchi’s biggest wish is to see these machines in action everywhere. He adds that people would be happy if robots could patrol a neighborhood or check on the safety of elderly people.