Demographic trap Mario Dumont is concerned about the comments of

Demographic trap: Mario Dumont is concerned about the comments of the National Bank's chief economist

The economist and chief strategist of the National Bank, Stéfane Marion, reiterated in a video posted online by the financial institution that the record population growth caused by immigration is not sustainable at the economic level.

Several economists, including Mr. Marion, had already spoken out last January to warn the federal government about the numerous economic burdens created by the massive growth of Canada's population.

Listen to Mario Dumont's full editorial on the housing crisis on QUB:

The term “demographic trap” used by the strategist at the time provoked strong reactions. However, he did not recant, but repeated his comments, which not only surprised but also worried Mario Dumont.

“We are heading towards a 2024 where there will be even more newcomers to Canada than in 2023. If we rely on what economist Marion sees as the beginning of the year, we are not close to solving the housing crisis. “, complained the presenter on his show on QUB.