Demure Christiane Torloni has come up with plenty of love

Demure, Christiane Torloni, has come up with plenty of love and left audiences speechless by revealing who she is

Christiane Torloni presents new love 22 years younger at a performance at Rock in Rio

at the age of 65, Christian Torloni lives a new love. And that at a performance in the last Rock in Rio, which she showed Randal Juliano to the public. He is 22 years her junior and the two work together.

According to Extra newspaper, the boyfriend of the former Globo actress is a sound engineer, 43 years old and lives in São Paulo. Their romance began behind the scenes of the plays in which the actress stars. The romance is very serious and the two have already toured the country together.

Although they now pose as a couple, the romance isn’t all that new, as they appeared together alongside Claudia Raia and Jarbas Homem de Melo in the musical Conserto para dois back in October last year. But, like Christiane Torloni’s pattern, she preferred to hide the romance.

Appearing with a new love surprised the public because it had been years since she had adopted someone. In addition, Christiane Torloni and Rock in Rio is a successful combination. For those who don’t know, she owns the phrase “Today is Rock Day, Baby!”. The phrase became the motto of the attraction and the actress is commemorated every year of the festival.

In an interview, she commented on the phrase, which went viral: “I find it very funny because the closest people know I have this loving thing and I call most people ‘baby’. It is a joy to see how there is room for joy. When something is real, it touches people’s hearts and resonates.”

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Christiane Torloni publicly shows her boyfriend Randal Juliano (Photo: reproduction)Christiane Torloni publicly shows her boyfriend Randal Juliano (Photo: reproduction)

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