Denise Pipitone the videos and the quotunknown languagequot The track

Denise Pipitone, the videos and the "unknown language": The track reappears

Back from the past up an old trail Denise Pipitone. The transfer “14 o’clock“Thus, the appeal is launched to try to recover the wiretapping that could support the so-called Roma trail, to finally come full circle and give the family a concrete hope of finding the child who died on September 1, 2004 Mazara del Vallo has disappeared.

A new track from the past

It’s been talked about a lot Rome trail in recent years thanks to a really important document: these are some video fragments made with a mobile phone of the One era security guard which operated in Milan. The guard caught a little girl named Danàs, who spoke Italian, among a group of suspected Roma.

On April 12, 2005 i Carabinieri by Sondrio they received a remarkable report: an Egyptian woman had recognized Denise in some footage shown of a Kosovar citizen helping her with housework. The Kosovar had an aunt in Bergamo: with her aunt lived a little girl with a small scar on her cheek, who spoke perfect Italian and said she had no mother. A short time later, the Egyptian went to a party with the Kosovar and her aunt and fueled her conviction: For the Egyptian, it would have been Denise, and the woman with her would be the one the security guard had taken.

So the Sondrio carabinieri activated and broke into a party where they should have found the child and the woman in the video, but after identifying all the bystanders, they did not find them. There are some too bugging, which were not taken into account. “Currently – according to a document – the findings from the ongoing surveillance are unknown because it has not yet been possible to identify an interpreter who speaks the language they speak”. In other words, it is not known what is said in the interceptions because no interpreter was found: “Ore 14” therefore asks to be able to bring them back to the attention of investigators.

The false shadows and misdirections on Piera Maggio

In the last few days a social post by Maria Angioni, prosecutor in the Denise case until 2005, reopens an old wound. And threw a new alleged perspective on the investigation. Angioni wrote: “You see, when I was dealing with this case as a prosecutor, the ‘mantras’ that police officers offered to prosecutors were 2:1) that the child was surely dead, had fallen down some well; 2) that Piera Maggio is a person to criticize. I never spoke about that last mantra because it was offensive in itself, but I said that Maggio is openly looking for a “dossier” on these facts, so I can and must speak about it. As long as I was a prosecutor, such dossiers were never filed, those were things the cops said and I don’t even remember the names in detail. However, I have always considered them to be rumors with the sole purpose of making us not pay much attention to this case.

He had already commented on these rumors Alberto di Pisafrom 2008 to 2015 Attorney General in Marsala, who in an interview with “who sawTo the journalist who asked him if there were any prejudices against Mother Piera, he replied: “I’d rather not say anything about that, because Maggio would have too … but undoubtedly there was something. No bias, objective data reported by police reports, it’s not like I’m saying it.

In time, Piera Maggio She was wrongly accused of filming porn movies – his lawyer Giacomo Frazzetta reminds of the title “Mazara la gonna cala” in “Ore 14” – but also to practice occultism and be a peddler drug. In another interview, Di Pisa, who died today, said: “I understand he was a drug dealer, it’s not like he’s family… You, the Maggio! It’s a theme, don’t you think, it’s…a theme…now it’s refined. Go to “Who saw it?” Everything made up, hair … The topic is what it is … But it seemed to us. We generally check the personality, the precedents … it turned out it wasn’t a really clear issue, let’s say”.

These statements outraged Frazzitta: “I categorically rule out that there have ever been police reports that outlined an opaque profile of Piera Maggio.” The suspicion running at “2pm” is that they were created Ad hoc dossier, subjected to the judges of the time and then made to disappear from the official documents. “We are shocked by these statements. You have to imagine what I have suffered,” read the comment related to mother Piera.