1676727114 Deportivo Garcilaso invested the most in 2023

Deportivo Garcilaso invested the most in 2023

Deportivo Garcilaso invested the most in 2023

Learn. bonus finder publishes important statistics of the participating clubs League 1. Arias and Deneumostiers, of FBC Melgar to the most valuable players.

According to a study by bonus finder, Betting shop and online games, are Deportivo Garcilaso, FC Cuzco j Alliance of Lima the clubs that have invested the most in building their squads to compete in the tournament compared to last year league 1 according to 2023.

The result achieved, according to the analyst fintan costello, threw that the current champion of Peru Cup, Deportivo Garcilaso, has increased the value of its squad by 483%, making it the club that has strengthened the most compared to the 2022 season when it had an amateur squad.

All teams have the option of signing five foreign players. The Cusqueños brought in the Colombian defender alex rambal, Ecuadorian attacking midfielder, Danny Cabezas, to the Ecuadorian striker, Jonathan Betancourt, j Joao Rojas, same nationality, extreme right of attack.

Also, his main contract is the Argentine striker santiago jordan, who went down in club history for scoring the club’s first two goals in the senior division.

FC Cusco increased the value of its player pool by 47%. The “Dorados” played in the professional class of the last year league 2 The team was one of the most valuable of the tournament and won the championship by a wide margin. Out of 24 games played, they have won 18, drawn four and lost twice. This year he keeps the base, he only included the defenders as foreigners Jonathan Bilbao with Venezuelan nationality and Uruguayan driver Mauro Daluz.

In third place is the current Peruvian soccer champion, Alianza Lima, who was able to increase her numbers by 41.6%. Other clubs from the South have not shifted their 2023 budget much, this is the case of Deportivo Binacional with 13.9%. In thirteenth place appears FBC Melgar with 10.5% and Cienciano with 0.6% in the penultimate place.

BonusFinder detailed this further Sporting Crystal and Alianza Lima manage the highest payrolls in Peruvian football. With that in mind, they stated that the Rimenses have a market value of $15.5 million while the intimate reached $14.48 million. In third place is sports university, appears in fourth place with 12.35 million FBC Melgar, with 11.58 million

In the south of the country, Cusco FC follows with 8.5 million; Association Scientist, 8.33 million and Binational sport. Likewise, two players from FBC Melgar, Alexis Arias and Alec Deneumostier, appear on the list of the top ten most valuable football players of the Peruvian tournament.

The first place is taken Yoshimar Yotun, from Sporting Cristal, with a valuation of 1.9 million dollars, in second place is the Colombian yorleys mena, from the Universidad César Vallejo is third with $1 million ignacio, from Sporting de Cristal worth $900,000.

In fourth place is alexis arias, by FBC Melgar, with a valuation of $875,000, followed by gabriel costa, Uruguayan nationalized Peruvian from Alianza Lima valued at $850,000. Sixth place goes to Jairo Concha, from Alianza Lima, with $825,000 and seventh place for Alec Deneumostier, from FBC Melgar with 825 thousand dollars.

television rights

In this year 2023, an economic conflict has arisen between several Peruvian football clubs over the television broadcasting rights of their home games.

Deportivo Garcilaso will receive money from the Peruvian Football Federation which granted the sports chain 1190 a broadcasting license.

Cienciano, Cusco FC, Deportivo Binacional and FBC Melgar renewed their contract with the Gol Perú Consortium, increasing the payment budget compared to previous years. The issue has not yet been resolved and teams refused to play the first date.

Did you know

Three. Cusco is represented by three clubs in the league 1 Arequipa has a club and A lot other.

Income. Other club income comes from sponsorship, merchandising, player sales and ticketing.