Despite being kicked out Carlos Zambrano had highlights in his

Despite being kicked out, Carlos Zambrano had highlights in his debut with Alianza Lima

Carlos Zambrano played his first official game in Peruvian football in Alianza Lima’s jersey and was key to winning the classic.

Without taste. Carlo Zambrano He fulfilled one of his dreams: he managed to debut with the Alianza Lima shirt. As if that wasn’t enough, the 33-year-old centre-back did in the classic against Universitario and in a packed Monumental. The ‘Kaiser’ has done well during the development of the game; However, in the final minutes he committed an unnecessary foul that cost him the red card.

Aside from his actions in the agony of commitment, the sensations he left on the pitch generate a certain calm in Guillermo Salas’ technical leadership. His hierarchy was evident from the start and he didn’t mind playing his first professional match in Peru against his eternal rival.

    Carlos Zambrano joined Alianza Lima from Boca Juniors.  Photo: League 1

Carlos Zambrano joined Alianza Lima from Boca Juniors. Photo: League 1

So was he successful in singles duels and he countered Alex Valera in a great way. His solidity also allowed the other members of the back line to feel safer and, in some cases, to take on offensive roles, as happened with Gino Peruzzi’s assist for Pablo Sabbag in the 1-0 draw.

This was Carlos Zambrano’s expulsion

However, what happened in the end raises some concerns and reminds us of the “old Zambrano”. The Peruvian side’s defender made his debut in the blue and white shirt but couldn’t do anything about his demons. The hard duel against Piero Quispe attracted attention mainly because it did not pose any major risk to those around him.

While such a kick might not pose any major complications in a domestic tournament, such an approach in the Copa Libertadores can cost a lot.

Next game of Alianza Lima

Alianza Lima meets César Vallejo on Saturday 25 February from 19:00 CET at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium. The duel applies to date 6 of the inaugural League 1 tournament.