1676739719 Di Maria liquidates Mbappe quotThey gave him the club but

Di María liquidates Mbappé: "They gave him the club, but they forgot that he plays with the best in history"

Di Maria liquidates Mbappe quotThey gave him the club but

Mbappé’s former Qatar 2022 team-mate and world champion felt PSG gave the forward a lot of responsibility despite the presence of Lionel Messi in the squad.

you know him well Angel of Mary It was crucial for Argentina to establish themselves in Qatar 2022. The Juventus winger is one of the team’s benchmarks and has guided his football through the best sides in the world. In the aftermath of events in the Middle East, the 35-year-old footballer was encouraged to speak out on Kylian Mbappé on the verge of ruining the party for Albiceleste and his former club PSG.

“Fideo” questioned the Parisian institution for giving so much responsibility to “Kyky”. He even noted the intervention of figures like French President Emmanuel Macron to prevent his departure to Real Madrid.

“They gave him that responsibility in France in general. The Frenchman, the president, PSG made him stay when he could have left and they put all this important burden on him so that it’s him and nobody otherwise,” he told Dialogue with ESPN.

In the same vein, the American champions also made it clear when he mentioned that PSG didn’t include Lionel Messi’s presence in their calculations.

“They gave Kylian a very big responsibility. They made him stay, give him everything, give him the club, but they forgot that he was playing alongside the best in history. It’s a bit difficult, They gave him all this strength and power because he’s French, he got out of there, he won a World Cup and he has an extraordinary career ahead of him… All in all, he was there at the time I was there was a good boy and I don’t think he’s changed that much,” he said.

Di María rules out participation in the 2026 World Cup

On the other hand, regarding his future in the Argentine team, Di María indicated that he will not try to play in the next World Cup; however, he expects to be considered for that America’s Cup 2024.

“I’m not dreaming of the next World Cup. Reaching the Copa America would be very nice for me, I would like that. Trying to be there would be important,” he concluded.