Diagnosis of man hospitalized with blue hands comes out Portal

Diagnosis of man hospitalized with blue hands comes out Portal 6

A case made netizens laugh after a man with blue hands went to the emergency room believing he was ill, despite showing no change in health aside from the atypical coloring.

Alejandro Guinzo, 37 years old, a doctor at the San José Hospital in Paraguay, said that he received the patient who complained about the atypical coloration. A series of urgent tests were carried out and all tests showed stability.

His vitals were great and there were no signs of allergies, bacteria or viruses in his system. “He had an emergency physical and some lab tests to rule out clotting issues, viruses and infections.”

Alejandro explained that he raised three possible suspicions: acrocyanosis, an arterial disease that causes hands to turn blue, a possible viral disease, and thrombosis.

During the consultations, the patient’s wife finally let go that the man had recently bought blue jeans. She also mentioned that he has a strong habit of sanitizing his hands with alcohol, especially after the Covid19 pandemic.

Soon the medic gathered the information and proved that the odd color was just the dye on the pants coming off because the part was new.

“Treatment: Wash your hands before going to the emergency room,” he joked in his posting on Twitter. In the comments, Internet users were shocked by the situation.