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Did Gabriela Berlingeri delete her photos with Bad Bunny? The spokesman for Puerto Rico

A few days after Bad Bunny was spotted in Los Angeles with model and influencer Laina Bell during a basketball game between the Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies, many fans have wondered Where is your girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri?

As reported by the newspaper El Universo, Berlingeri has removed all traces of photos with the evil rabbit from his Instagram profile. However, she still follows him on social media.

Though the singer has referred to Berlingeri as his “best friend” on numerous occasions, the act has caught the attention of the mysterious “couple’s” followers.

It’s worth noting that Bad Bunny and Berlingeri were last seen together in early January 2023, during the controversy in the Dominican Republic, where “Benito” threw his cellphone at a fan who was trying to take a “selfie.” with the.

Only time can tell!

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