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Did last week’s Happiness episode go too far? – Showbizz.net

In an interview, François Avard said it well: he would be even more biting in the second season of his series Le bonheur.

So far, viewers have seemed to believe Avard’s bold proposal, but Wednesday’s episode drew anger from many on social media.

Many feel that the author has gone too far this time.

The episode begins with the suicide of a paleoclimatologist live from a climate change conference. François’ entourage invalidates the scientist’s gesture. “They don’t know what to do to get us interested anymore [le climat] “.

Then there is a party in the village to welcome the priest coming out of prison. His crime? Pedophilia. Netizens protest by mentioning that laughing at child victims of sexual violence is going a little too far. Read the viewers’ comments at the bottom of the article.

“Anyone who has never wondered what an angel’s sex tastes like, throw the first stone at me,” the priest will exclaim in front of the altar.

See it in the snippet below.

Later, François will ask the priest if he really has the right to drink his beer in church and he will reply: “As I always told the children: what happens in church stays in church.” Squeak is squeak!