Digital Platforms Artists begin sanitizing

Digital Platforms: Artists begin sanitizing

Many artists have the soul of a craftsman or a designer. Some even envision construction and transformation projects. It’s not the ideas that are missing! Cameras have followed some personalities who are not afraid to get their hands dirty…

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Special decor

You don’t have to settle on a megasite or design a dream real estate project to provide a nice surprise and meet the needs of a loved one. To please a friend, cousin or family, Quebec faces roll up their sleeves and help designers see their ideas take shape. Among others, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau takes over a living room, Ève Côté brings a playroom to life and Mélissa Bédard offers a sensory space for a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Heartwarming Projects.

A season courtesy of Crave.

Instant dream home

Photo courtesy of Netflix

It’s quite the challenge the crew on this show, hosted by Danielle Brooks (Orange Is the New Black), took on: transforming a house in a single day. Twelve hours and you’re done. Here everything is thought out, planned, adjusted to the quarter turn. Every minute counts. It is impressive to see how quickly things move and, above all, how good ideas take shape. Those who take part in the projects are fearless; They take risks… But they pay off!

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Bespoke renovations with Jeremy Renner

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Photo courtesy of Disney+

Far from the superhero Hawkeye and Hollywood sets, Jeremy Renner begins transforming vehicles…for a good cause. It gives new impetus to buses and a van to help American clubs (that promote dance, music or recreation) and improve water treatment. He is joined by several arms, including those of fellow actors Vanessa—Hudgens and Anthony Mackie. Buses have never looked so cool!

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Without a plan!

Émilie Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge didn’t make it easy. Not only have they decided to take on an ambitious building challenge and start crafting a mini chalet for their ‘old age’, but they also have their sights set on a location where trails and electricity are conspicuous by the lack of pathways . These two enthusiasts have an obvious and almost constantly renewed determination. The many efforts of the couple and their team will be worth it, but they must give their all for it.

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passion dust

Photo courtesy of Radio-Canada Solutions Medias

Before the birth of her first child, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse had two major renovation projects. You could have called her documentary reality “The vagaries of construction site life” because she is confronted with situations that she could have done without. Alongside her amazing friend Félix-Antoine Tremblay, she has to deal with unpleasant surprises and long delays. Luckily, she’s not giving up easily because the house she wanted to remodel was never entitled to such a beautiful makeover.

Two seasons in the extra.