Digital platforms Five films or series go full throttle here

Digital platforms: Five films or series go full throttle here!

They are adrenaline thirsty and really enjoy revving engines and biting the asphalt. In front of film or television cameras, their goal remains the same: to be faster than their opponents. It’s time to hit the track and check out productions designed for the street.

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Ford vs Ferrari (by Ford vs Ferrari)

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When Matt Damon entrusts the helm to Christian Bale, buckle up. Tasked with building a race car capable of challenging Ferrari in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans – no less – a designer is pinning all his hopes on a driver whose attitude leaves a lot to be desired. This union will be fruitful, the two men will indulge in their passion without restraint. Winner of two Academy Awards and a finalist for four gold statuettes, this feature film directed by James Mangold has all the essence needed to cross the finish line with ease.

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speed genius

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Of course, modifying your car is an aesthetic question. But it is also said to improve the performance of cars that are treated with the utmost care. Because being noticed is all well and good, but pride increases tenfold when the machine on a race track can open your eyes wide. In this program, hosted by Marie-Lyne Joncas, enthusiasts have such confidence in their cars that they are willing to challenge gleaming-engined supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis…

Three squadrons on Crave


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The world of Formula 1 has been the scene of many legendary rivalries. In the 1970s, drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda made the track their playground: the Briton (Chris Hemsworth) and the Austrian (Daniel Brühl) fought for the championship title and continued what they started as teenagers. Directed by Ron Howard, this critically acclaimed film is not only packed with mph-busting scenes, but the wheel-on collisions are also extremely riveting.

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speed in the blood

The least we can say is that drag racing is a passion for the Landrys, a family of six. The desire to constantly accelerate and win are part of their DNA. All efforts, time and energy are predominantly expended on performing on the track. And they’re not afraid to go faster and faster. “Afraid of life? No,” the clan patriarch replies confidently. When the traffic light turns green, we act!

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This car competition features drivers with very different realities. But it’s the courses that are the real stars of this one-of-a-kind reality show. With imposing obstacles, they include multiple challenges for every driver and car. Cars slide, tires squeak and bodywork is put to the test. We do not emerge unscathed from the challenges that have been set. Like challenges, fear must be tamed. Because to emerge as a big winner from this adventure, you’ll need to be both fast… and dangerous.

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