Dinner Club if you enjoyed the first seasons we39ll tell

Dinner Club, if you enjoyed the first seasons, we'll tell you where you can watch the third: Get ready to laugh iFood

Dinner Club if you enjoyed the first seasons we39ll tellDinner Club – IFood.it (Instagram photo)

If you've been laughing at the Celebrity Adventures with Carlo Cracco, hold on tight because a new season is just around the corner. That's where.

Very few episodes were enough conquer the entire audiencebecause everyone is crazy about this new TV series with the Amazon Prime or “Dinner Time” brand.

With its lightness it is has managed to be appreciated by everyoneEven the youngest spectators were thrilled because everyone enjoyed witnessing the many adventures in which the protagonists took part These are not just any characters, but the most popular celebrities on Italian television.

In fact, everyone really enjoyed watching them engage with the world of cuisine and even more so with Carlo Cracco, who was by her side the entire time. He guided her to discover the products that Italy has to offer and let her experience them Moments of pure conviviality between them, to talk about food, cooking, but also life.

It was actually so fun and relaxing to watch After the end of the second season, everyone was wondering if a second season would be picked up. Well, we know the answer.

Six Celebrities Compare Food and Cracco

The format of the “Dinner Club” is very simple. It involves the participation of six celebrities who are for For six evenings they decide to meet in a dining room and eat together. A different celebrity can be found every evening Prepare food for the other five colleaguesBut it is not the star who decides what is cooked, but Carlo Cracco.

During the day The chef accompanies the celebrity to taste the products that a corner of the peninsula has to offer and in the evening the celebrity has to use it to prepare dinner and feed his colleagues. Here you can find out what the program is about. But here's where you can watch it and, most importantly, where you can watch the third season.

1705684096 247 Dinner Club if you enjoyed the first seasons we39ll tellQuestion mark – IFood.it (Photo by Depositphoto)

The third season? A real unknown

The first two seasons of “Dinner Club” are available on Amazon Prime and can be watched by anyone. Unfortunately, the third and final season Nobody can see them anymoregiven that for now It hasn't even been decided to include a third.

It will probably happen, but at the moment no one knows anything, not even us! However, there is hope that it will be registered and released soon. It would be sad if a series like this ended so quickly.

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