DIRECT Egypt DR Congo at CAN 2024 The Leopards and

DIRECT. Egypt DR Congo at CAN 2024: The Leopards and the Pharaohs will be decided on penalties! Follow the round of 16 live

Egypt is one of the nations fighting for the final victory in this African Cup of Nations. However, the Pharaohs, who have won the title seven times in their history and were finalists in the last edition, have not won the continental grail since 2010. Therefore, they have no intention of stumbling this Sunday, January 28, in the eighth final against the players of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kamal puts Egypt in the lead again

Diangana hits Gabaski on the wrong foot

Omar Marmoush scores and gets back on track

Mostafa Mohamed misses

120+4'. Punish!

The game will be decided in a penalty shootout. Extra time went like the second half, without too many chances on either side.

118'. Disjointed ending to the game

The Democratic Republic of Congo cannot worry Egypt. The Leopards are very chaotic in their transmissions against the Pharaohs, who defend very well with ten men.

111'. Elneny exit

The Arsenal midfielder makes way for Mohanad Lasheen.

106'. Recovery and danger at the Egyptian cage.

The Congolese start with a bang with a good escape cross from the left. The ball passes the entire defense uncaught and lands to the left of Gabaski's goal.

105+2'. Half time extension.

This first third was particularly marked by Egypt's red card. The numerical superiority of the Democratic Republic of Congo is not yet noticeable.

98'. Wasted free kick

The standard situation after Masuaku was sent off clearly flies over the cage.

96'. Guilty Egyptian foul

Mohamed Hamdy receives a second yellow card and is sent off after a mistake by Simon Banza. The tension between the two teams increases. Egypt will continue to be outnumbered.

91'. Start of extension

Overtime is scheduled for half an hour. Will they be enough for teams to find the bug?

90+6'. Extensions!

At the end of a much duller second half, neither team could logically gain the upper hand over the other. This result represents the fourth consecutive draw (in regular time) for Egypt and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the competition. In the next thirty minutes they have to decide and if the two selections neutralize each other again, they will have to go to penalties.

90+5'. Corner for Egypt

Attia makes a good breakthrough on the Congolese left wing, his cross is blocked and goes out. The corner kick still won't do anything.

90'. Last change for Egypt.

Sayed Zizo, author of a very good game, leaves his place to Mostafa Fathi. This substitution follows that of DRC, who replaced Wissa with Stuttgart striker Silas.

85'. Egypt is missing a huge opportunity

After a run along the goal line and a good cross from Sayed Zizo in the Congolese penalty area, the approaching Mahmoud Hamada was found alone. But he lacks control and can't follow up with a shot that would surely have landed low.

79'. Change for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Aaron Tschibola returns for Pickel, coach Sébastien Desabre tries to find offensive solutions.

76'. Fresh break

In this half, it's time to quench your thirst. The game was chaotic and at an incorrect pace for several minutes.

65'. Bakambu and Batubinsika exit

The former OM striker and the Saint-Etienne defender will be replaced by Inonga and Simon Banza.

62'. Great Egyptian action

Mohamed Hany finds Sayed Zizo on the edge of the penalty area, who finds a good pass for Fathi. The Egyptian striker hits Mpasi, who saves his team.

55'. Mbemba is not far from the goal

The OM defender received a very well-taken corner kick in the middle of the penalty area, but his header landed just a few centimeters above the goal.

53'. Great Congolese opportunity

The leopards quickly leave their camp and find Elia, who sends a good pass into the area to Bakambu. He is well placed, but does not defend the ball sufficiently and goes out six meters.

52'. Trezeguet misses himself

The Egyptian striker was well placed at the entrance to the penalty area, stumbled on the carpet and sent the ball straight out of the goal.

49'. Good intervention from Gabaski

When Elia delivers a narrow and tricky cross, the Egyptian goalkeeper recognizes the trajectory well and clears the ball with his hand.

46'. Dangerous free kick for the DRC

Arthur Masuaku sends a good cross into the penalty area, which is cleared by the Egyptian defense for a corner. The corner kick does nothing.

46'. Resumption of play.

The Congolese commit to this second act. El Fotouh gave way to Mohamed Hamdi before kick-off.

45+6'. Halftime in San Pedro!

After a lively first half, Egypt and the Democratic Republic of Congo go back to back, showing how difficult it is to gain the upper hand over their opponents. The Congolese were generally dominant, but the North Africans defended well and had a solid rearguard.

45+1'. Egyptian equalizer!

Mostafa Mohamed converts the penalty by striking to the left of Mpasi.

45'. Punishment for the Pharaohs

In the action after Mohamed's free kick, Batubinsika defends the cross in the air, but elbows Hegazy. After checking the VAR, the referee determines the penalty point.

41'. Egypt's rapid response

Rui Vitoria's men get a good free kick in the opposing camp. Mostafa Mohamed takes care of it and fires a dangerous shot, which is blocked by the Congolese defense.

37'. DRC goal!

The Congolese scored the first goal thanks to Wissa. The Brentford player benefits from a quick touch of the ball in the penalty area, his cross is deflected into his goal by Hegazy. Elia is on the trajectory and just has to extend the ball before it crosses the line.

36'. Egyptian free kick

The Pharaohs finally have the chance to trouble the Democratic Republic of Congo, but the free kick lands, chaotically, straight into the gloves of Mpasi.

31'. Fresh break

The teams make a quick stop to hydrate in the Ivorian heat.

30'. Met Ahmed Hegazy!

The Egyptian captain gives in. When Elia overpowers him again, the defender throws himself to ward off the danger and collapses to the ground. He stands up and grimaces.

23'. The Congolese are close to taking the lead

The men in the blues are becoming more and more urgent. After a good recovery in the opposing camp, Elia is perfectly positioned, but takes too long to get his shot sharp. The well-positioned Egyptian defense managed to prevent this.

21'. New opportunity for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Bongonda, who has left the zone, gives a good free kick to the right of the Egyptian penalty area. The cross is good but is pushed back, the same Bongonda doesn't lean on the ball enough and hits it on top.

16'. Congolese free kick

Interesting situation at 25 m, Yoan Wissa tries his luck but sends the ball into the wall.

15'. A bitter battle in the pharaohs' camp

On the left side of the Egyptian half, full-back Masuaku uses a lot of energy to outflank and cross the opposing defenders. It is well contained by the North Africans every time.

8th'. Huge opportunity for Egypt!

After a wonderful cross from Marwan Attia, the captain of the North African selection Ahmed Hegazy hits a header from close range, but his shot goes over the goal.

6'. Hamdi Fathi misses his header

With a nice, floating pass in the penalty area, the well-placed right attacker wins, but misses his shot, which flies past the Congolese goal to the left.

4'. A rhythmic start to the game

The opportunities flow in both directions. After Elia's big miss, the Egyptians go into the opponent's area and hit a cross intercepted by Mpasi.

2'. First free kick and clear chance of the game

Egypt caught an interesting set-piece situation after a long period of possession that started at kick-off. The indirect free kick is of no use. The Congolese counterattack is dazzling and Meschack Elia, facing Gabaski, completely misses his shot. The ball flies over his cage.

9:00 p.m. kick-off!

The Egyptians begin hostilities in Ivory Coast this evening. The challenge for both teams is to qualify, unlike the group stage, without reaching a draw, which this time leads to a penalty shootout.

8:55 p.m. The hymns sound

The melodies “Biladi (Home), Biladi, Biladi” and the Congolese debut sound one after the other at the Laurent Pokou Stadium in San Pedro.

8:30 p.m. The compositions of the two teams!

The two selections play in the classic 4-3-3 formation. The game will be refereed by South African Tom Abongile.

8:15 p.m. Welcome everyone to this live!

Follow the Africa Cup of Nations knockout match Egypt – Democratic Republic of Congo in this live commentary.