1684017180 DIRECT Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final the 26 countries performed

DIRECT. Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final: the 26 countries performed on the Liverpool stage, follow and comment on the end of the competition

Here you can find all of our live #EUROVISION

12:29 am: While the race for the points is still on, I want to tell you something new: This year everyone can vote. Until now, only viewers from the participating countries could vote for their favorite candidate, but now the rest of the world can also have a say. These votes are grouped under the category “international votes” whose vote weighs the same as the vote of any other participating country.

12:21 am: Good evening FI. My predictions: 1st Australia, 2nd Belgium, 3rd Norway, 4th Croatia and 5th Moldova! France buf….

12:20 am: 1st Sweden, 2nd Finland, 3rd Armenia

12:20 a.m.: Good evening Eloïse, meaning Sweden, England, Israel, Italy and France (of course!)

00h20: Good evening, for me the top 5 will be: Sweden 🇸🇪 Finland 🇫🇮 Israel 🇮🇱 Austria 🇦🇹 And of course AMAZING FRANCE 🇨🇵

00:19: Good evening France info, my top 5: Finland Sweden Spain Norway and France in 5th or 6th place (with a surprise country)

12:19 am: I take this moment to know the votes of each country to make your predictions shared in the comments since the beginning of the evening. Thanks for playing the game!

12:17 am: Sweden is currently leading the points race, followed by Italy, Estonia and Israel.

DIRECT Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final the 26 countries performed

12:13 a.m.: For now, France has collected three small points, but there is still hope. case follows!

12:12 a.m.: Italy, in turn, gave 12 points to Israel and Latvia to Estonia.

12:10 a.m.: The distribution of points by the expert jury has begun! And Ukraine, winner of the 2022 edition, gives their 12 points to Sweden.

00:02: As a reminder, the winner is now chosen in two steps. In each country, a jury of experts voted on the awarding of points from 1 to 12 the day before. We will find out the result together in the next few minutes. Then the votes of the spectators are counted. It is added to that of the jury and sometimes the cards are reshuffled. We still fondly remember the year 2021, when the French candidate Barbara Pravi took second place behind the Swiss with 248 points according to the vote of the expert jury, but the audience vote suddenly relegated the Italian Maneskin to first place.

11:29 PM I suggest you take a quick tour of the rest of the news because the results shouldn’t start for about ten minutes.

11:26 p.m.: I take this opportunity to give you my prediction for this 2023 edition: Sweden (1) Ukraine (2) Finland (3) Israel (4) Norway (5). My colleague Pierre Godon is betting on a comeback from France: Sweden (1), Finland (2), Australia (3), Austria (4), France (5).

11:24 p.m.: Thanks to Croatia for this moment!

11:23 pm: I love Croatia!

11:23pm: It looks like Croatia is quite popular with the live readers of franceinfo.fr.

11:21pm: It’s the end of the performances, you now have 15 minutes to vote for your favorite candidate, but don’t be surprised to vote for the French candidate, it’s strictly forbidden.


11:15 p.m.: And the award for the most obvious song title goes to the British Mae Muller. I wrote a song. Luckily, she also set it to music, dreaming up a Dua Lipa-style choreography and turning it into a correct song that should avoid the fool’s cap in this country, which has been subscribed to last in recent years. It seems out of reach to do as well or better than Sam Ryder’s stirring Space Man, who finished second last year.

11:19 p.m.: Good evening @nico ! In the Eurovision Song Contest, European countries compete against each other, but not only … All member countries of the organization European Broadcasting Union (EBU) can participate in the competition, which pushes the boundaries of the competition much further. beyond that of the old continent. Israel and Australia are taking part in the competition again this year. The first founding of the Hebrew State dates back to 1973! Australia has been a candidate since 2015. In previous years, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Jordan also took part. We explained all this to you back in 2018, the day after Israel’s fourth victory.

11:11 p.m.: Since when does Israel belong to Europe!

11:11 p.m.: As in the mythical scene from “Tontons Flingueurs”, the evening is over, we have left out the classic and “we dare to do the bizarre”. The Bizarre is a Croatian group of mustache flicks who use a caustic title at will to subvert the good taste and Russia of Vladimir Putin. “Our song is a bit stupid, but it’s our answer to human stupidity,” singer Zoran Prodanovic told 20 Minutes. The policy worked last year, why not two years in a row?

11:09 pm: Great Israel!!! I adore

11:09 p.m.: #ISRAEL 4th place ?????? Euuuh 🙁

11:09 pm: Israel wasn’t bad! An American show … a good placing is imminent.

11:10 p.m .: Israel’s appearance causes reactions in the comments, opinions tend to differ!

11:08 pm: In this very pop edition, a quota is required for rock lovers to find their way there and it fell on Slovenia with the group Joker and their title Carpe Diem. As we fail to seize the day without worrying about the next day, we will be keeping an eye on the competition with only two countries remaining before voting opens for viewers.

11:03 p.m.: “I have the power of a unicorn,” sings the candidate from Israel. It also has the power to rise to fourth place among bookies, without our editorial team fully understanding how to do that. For the first time since 2014, Israel selected its foal through an internal commission, not during a reality TV show. A change that allowed Noa Kirel, already a very popular pop star in Israel, to compete.

11pm: It’s the 22nd song now, your eyelids are heavy and Lithuanian singer Monika Linkyte’s job is to tell you “Stay”, “Leftovers!” It relies on your votes to increase its counter, Linkyte.

10:59 pm: I really like Finland! It’s catchy!!!

10:59 p.m.: #CZECHIA My favorite so far 😉

10:58pm: Australia represented by a metal group… What a joke.

10:58 p.m.: Estonia does a nice advertisement for Steinway and Sons, who market these pianos known as Spirio, which actually play alone from a recorded interpretation

10:57 pm: Finally metal isn’t that bad

10:57 pm: I pass along some of your comments, a little off, you will forgive me, it all goes very quickly!

10:55 p.m.: King Charles III. also met the Lord of the Lost group on March 31 at a reception organized by the British Embassy in Germany. A moment immortalized by this crazy photo where two worlds collide.

1684017165 341 DIRECT Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final the 26 countries performed


10:54pm: Can you do metal and wear a jumpsuit with peppers on the back? The answer is yes with the German opening of Lord of the Lost for Iron Maiden in the Old Continent. Hoping to repeat Lordi’s coup, the Finnish group that was crowned in 2006 to everyone’s surprise, and Michel Drucker in particular.

10:52 p.m.: It’s Oslo’s turn to present its candidate. Alessandra is a 20-year-old Italian-Norwegian singer and sings “Queen of Kings,” which advocates for empowerment. She has my voice, despite a more than questionable costume choice, inspired by Elizabeth I. “It’s a modernized version: regal but still with a warrior flavor,” she explained for NME. We understand better immediately!

10:48 p.m.: An issue that remains very political despite this decision. On the turquoise carpet of the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this week, the two Ukrainian artists featured on their costumes the names and weights of children born prematurely during the war. The goal: to collect donations to help them.

10:47 p.m.: As a reminder, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy was denied the right to communicate during the final of the competition. This follows Ukraine’s very political use of the competition since it joined in 2003. In 2005, President Viktor Yushchenko took the stage to present the crystal microphone, the trophy, to the winner. This greatly displeased the EBU, the organiser, who issued rules the following year and prevented Vladimir Putin from doing the same in 2009.

10:49 p.m.: The Tvorchi group represents last year’s victorious Ukraine. For their electropop title Heart of Steel, the duo was inspired by the “strength and bravery” of the defenders of the war-ravaged city of Mariupol.

1684017166 740 DIRECT Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final the 26 countries performed


10:43 p.m.: Last year, Ukraine won with a song that modernized the rhythms of their folklore. Well, France did the same and joined forces with Alvan Ahez’s Bretons. Now it’s Moldova’s turn to dare, with decency reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings.

1684017168 949 DIRECT Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final the 26 countries performed

Photo from the semifinals (PAUL ELLIS / AFP)

10:39 p.m.: “I’m so mesmerized by someone I’ve never met,” Brunette sings on her romantic ballad Future Lover. Apparently she’s not the only one: Armenia’s official clip is one of the most watched on the Eurovision YouTube channel with 6.2 million views. In comparison, La Zarra barely hits a million.

10:31 p.m.: What could better accompany this ode to tolerance than sailing? Gustaph invites New York native dancer PussCee West onto the stage. Voguing is a discipline of the “Ballroom” movement that emerged in the United States in the 1960s. This dance is a space of expression for the black LGBTQ+ community, which is particularly discriminated against.

10:31 p.m.: On the Belgian program: cowboy hat and powder pink suit, all worn by Gustaph, far from being born from the last rain. As a singer, he has already been to the Eurovision Song Contest twice: in 2018 and 2021. This time it’s just the thing. In fact, the artist is the center of attention with his English title “Because of you”.

10:25 p.m.: Is this the last time we see Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest? The agreement between Australia and the EBU, the competition broadcaster, expires after this edition. So let’s take advantage of the locked rock of the group Voyager, whose singer was Novak Djokovic’s lawyer in civil life – when the Serbian tennis player was in administrative detention for lack of vaccination.

10:23 p.m.: “When we sing “We are for you” in Ukrainian, we support this Slavic country with a message from all other Slavic countries. There is a feminine principle of solidarity and empathy with others, and seeing that is fundamental. Human rights are being flouted, it’s so painful.”

The members of the Czech group Vesna spoke about the meaning of their song in an interview with the BBC.

10:22 p.m.: Norway tells us about its king’s queen, the Czech Republic reminds us of its sister’s crown (My Sister’s Crown). A tribute to royalty while this edition takes place in the UK? No way ! The embassy is one of support for Ukraine. “Nobody wants dead boys anymore, we’re not your dolls,” sings the group Vesna, whose pianist is of Russian origin. The lyrics are spoken in four languages: English, Czech, Bulgarian and Ukrainian and it works well.

10:18 p.m.: Apple green latex outfit and middle fringes in front: Finland has a lot to offer this year. “My musical inspiration is Rammstein,” Käärijä told 20 Minutes. And suddenly everything makes more sense: the Finnish candidate is above all a showman. With his Cha-Cha-Cha title, he is one of the competition’s favorites and could well be the second contestant in his country’s history to win the competition.

1684017170 11 DIRECT Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final the 26 countries performed


10:14 p.m.: Estonia is a good place to retire for pianists: the keys are with them. Yes, yes, we promise, take a close look. In addition to this scenographic eccentricity, we can point out that the singer Alika co-wrote this ballad with Wouter Hardy, behind the victorious title of the Netherlands in 2019, already a piano part at that time. After all, you don’t change a recipe for success.

1684017172 300 DIRECT Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final the 26 countries performed


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