Disappeared an angry and committed masterpiece from Costa Gavras and four

“Disappeared”, an angry and committed masterpiece from Costa-Gavras and four other proposals to see on TV today | TV

On this day, cinemagoers will have the opportunity to watch an iconic film of political cinema, Disappeared, by Costa-Gavras. Cuatro proposes a new date with Planeta Calleja, who is traveling to Sri Lanka with actor Álvaro Rico. On public television, La 1 insists on “Bake Off: Famous in the Oven” and La 2 proposes a date with the members of Maestros de la couture on “Late Xou”.


19-55, TCM

Missing, from Costa-Gavras

Miss. USA, 1982 (118 minutes). Director: Costa Gavras. Actors: Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek.

Political and militant cinema bore the recurring name of Costa-Gavras in the 1970s with films such as Z, State of Siege and Special Section. The filmmaker never gave up his commitment and began the 1980s with another violent political denunciation, a haunting portrait of the first days of Pinochet's coup in Chile. “Disappeared” is a masterpiece full of formal sobriety and inner unrest: a wealthy and conservative American travels to Chile to investigate the disappearance of his son. Also to shake your conscience.

The sweetness comes to “Bake Off”

10:45 p.m., 1

Bake Off: Celebrities in the Oven, broadcast on La 1

In this week's edition of Bake Off: Famous Bakers, competing bakers Rocío Carrasco, Terelu Campos, Ana Boyer, Alba Carrillo, Yolanda Ramos, Patxi Salinas, Pablo Puyol, Blas Cantó and Marc Clotet will attempt to recreate the Valentina cake. It is a delicate rose of sablée, quince, cheese mousse, white chocolate and vanilla ganache, created by pastry chef Damián Betular.

The actor Álvaro Rico in “Planeta Calleja”

10:50 p.m., four

Jesús Calleja and the actor Álvaro Rico in Planeta Calleja, broadcast on Cuatro

Sri Lanka is the destination of this episode of Planeta Calleja, which features the actor Álvaro Rico. The Kataragama Temple, a sacred place for Buddhists and Hindus, will be the starting point of a journey that will take Rico and Calleja to the Yala National Park, the tea plantations of Ceylon, the city of Anuradhapura and an extraordinary archaeological complex in the heart of the so-called ” Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle” and the famous Mount Sigiriya.

The masters of sewing in “Late Xou”

24.00. The 2

Late Xou, broadcast on La 2

Raquel Sánchez Silva, Lorenzo Caprile and María Escoté, who present the sixth season of Masters of Couture, visit the set of Late Xou. The musical note of the program with a view to Valentine's Day comes from Cupid, a pop group that presents their second studio album Overdose of Love.

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