1709727520 Disappointed but not discouraged the president of Vieux Quai en Fete

Disappointed but not discouraged, the president of Vieux-Quai en Fête copes with the closure of the city

Disappointed but not discouraged the president of Vieux Quai en FeteDisappointed but not discouraged the president of Vieux Quai en FeteThe organization of Vieux-Quai en Fête Alouette promises that things will continue to be very lively in the family area. (Photo Jean St-Pierre, Macotenord.com)

The president of the organizing committee of Vieux-Quai en Fête Alouette de Sept-Îles, Joannie Francoeur-Côté, is disappointed but above all surprised by the reduction of $35,000 in the municipal subsidy for the 30th edition. The organization needs to review certain expenses. She would have appreciated prior notification.

“It changes our plans a lot. At this point we have already signed several commitments,” explains the President. The city will pay $50,000 instead of $85,000. It also provides $25,000 for equipment and $15,000 for the coordinator's salary.

Interview with Joannie Francoeur-Côté, CEO of Vieux-Quai en Fête Alouette de Sept-Îles

On Monday, February 26, local elected officials voted on the amounts awarded to seven companies for 2024. Pro-Mayor Charlotte Audet explained that the council had carefully considered the amount awarded this year. In his review of subsidies, he took into account each company's surpluses and needs.

Youth zone

Some special activities related to the 30th anniversary are canceled. The president continues to promise a beautiful family area with rides and entertainment. “But we had great ideas for children with the 30th edition that are not being realized. » Joannie Françoeur-Côté indicates that the signing of contracts on the big stage always occurs before the development of youth programs begins.

The festival organizers had largely completed negotiations about the shows for the three festive music evenings when the city's decision was made, Joannie Francoeur-Côté regrets. “Yes, the program is expensive this year with Marjo, Vincent Vallière and Kaïn. We thought we had the means and wanted to pamper the people of Sept-Îles,” comments the president of VQFA.

Joannie Francoeur-Côté and her team are now relying on the presence of festival goers to offset the decline in subsidies. She is confident about the program unveiled on Saturday.