Disappointment in the butler camp

Disappointment in the butler camp

STOCKTON, CA | Steven Butler fell three times in the second round, but he’s fine. After defeat comes disappointment.

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“I’m disappointed for him, this sport can be cruel at times. I’m proud he tried. “We believed in it because he had a very good training camp,” said Eye of the Tiger manager Camil Estephan minutes after the fight ended.

It was a powerful uppercut from Janibek Alimkhanuly that staggered the 27-year-old boxer.

“Steven got hit. He executed the uppercut with a willingness to hit, in principle he doubled the blow, explained his coach Rénal Boisvert later. He took many more blows without losing consciousness and after the fight he was in good shape, he spoke normally but had no legs.


For Camil Estephan, this quick defeat is another lesson for his boxer.

“You learn from every fight. We have to see how he will react. He’s a fighter, he’s spectacular and if he wants to continue we will be there for him. He was recovering from something much worse. He is very disappointed and if not I would be concerned.

“If you play in the Stanley Cup finals and lose, you’re still in the finals. It’s hard to accept.

That’s a shame, adds Estephan, because there were no signs of such an outcome on the first mission.

“He really followed the game plan but one shot can change everything.”

The napkin

After his first appearance on the floor, Steven Butler had limp legs and had trouble standing. It didn’t get any better after his second fall.

There was talk in his corner of throwing in the towel to prevent further hitting, which we ultimately didn’t do.

“We thought about throwing in the towel,” recognized Rénald Boisvert. Marc and I consulted each other and wanted to give him another chance. We yelled at him to hold on to finish the loop.

“Often boxers find their chance in the next round. It was part of the strategy to hold on when he was in trouble but it’s not in his nature, he wants to fight. He tried, but I don’t think he had enough legs to do it.

No regret

Rénald Boisvert, who has been training Butler since his debut, is proud of his foal and the courage he has shown in a difficult environment.

“You shouldn’t regret it, we’ve reached a high level, it’s the top of the pyramid.”

In his eyes, to have been involved in a second world championship fight is a great achievement.

“There aren’t many boxers [québécois] who went to the World Cup. He was brave and wanted to agree to compete against the world champion.