1707972860 Discover the list of the 10 least stolen vehicles in

Discover the list of the 10 least stolen vehicles in Quebec

There is a lot of talk about car theft these days. A good way to protect yourself is to choose a model that thieves avoid.

The car reflects consumers' lifestyle choices. For some, it's just a vehicle that gets them from A to B. For others, it is the embodiment of the joy of driving or even their social status. One fact remains: certain models are very popular with consumers and… thieves.

Specifically, you can protect your vehicle with a GPS system or a steering wheel lock, have the vehicle marked and park in illuminated areas: thieves don't care because they have more than one trick up their sleeves.

The list of least stolen vehicles published by insurers includes a mix of hybrid and thermal cars, but mostly sedans, often small ones.

Obviously, people who like large SUVs will be disappointed. I realize I'm hitting a nerve, but you may want to opt for a less obese model.

Especially since these vehicles offer two undeniable advantages: they are extremely economical to drive and are less likely to be stolen.

Almost never stolen

This also applies to 100% electric vehicles: mine costs me between $7 and $15 per week to cover my annual 25,000 km. Sure, buying and insuring an electric car costs more (a matter of parts availability and labor), but the savings far outweigh these disadvantages. And no, you will never run out of energy.

Take the case of Teslas: a report from the Highway Loss Data Institute shows that they are 90% less likely to be stolen than internal combustion engine vehicles, and that if they are, they are almost always found. For what? Because you can track the car on your phone and deactivate it remotely.

And theft rates for the BMW i3 Series, Nissan Leaf or Hyundai Ioniq are close to zero.

Another argument: The sales prices of the much-stolen F150, Grand Cherokee, Gladiator and Highlander models can easily be compared with those of electric vehicles after subsidies.

In summary, a vehicle is stolen in the country every six minutes and in the table accompanying this article it is almost never an electric vehicle or an electric vehicle.


  • Install a tracking system (Boomerang) or telematics (Ajusto), preferably the one recommended by your insurer: you will save on insurance costs.
  • Never leave the ignition key in the car, even for a few minutes (yes, some still do that). Store your smart keys in a storage bag or case specifically designed to protect them from waves, or keep them away from the front door. If possible, install security cameras aimed at your parking lot. Do not leave any items in the passenger compartment.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, call the police and… your insurer immediately.
Discover the list of the 10 least stolen vehicles in

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