Do you suffer from nomophobia When cell phone addiction becomes

Do you suffer from nomophobia? When cell phone addiction becomes fear Vanguardia

In a world where technology constantly connects us, nomophobia has become an increasingly common fear. This phenomenon, characterized by anxiety and fear of losing a cell phone, has attracted the attention of mental health and technology experts.

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According to clinical psychologist María González, “Nomophobia is not just about excessive connection to the phone, but about the extreme fear that arises when people lose their device.”

He adds that this can manifest itself through symptoms such as nervousness, sweating and heart palpitations.

Who suffers from nomophobia more often?

Young people in particular are among the most affected groups. The constant need to be connected to social networks, instant messaging and the fear of missing something important contribute to the vulnerability of this population.

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Expert recommendations include setting limits on phone use, practicing digital disconnection at certain times of the day and encouraging screen-free activities.

Dr. González emphasizes the importance of teaching healthy use of technology from a young age to prevent long-term problems.

How do you know if you have nomophobia?

The main witness is usually extreme discomfort or anxiety when the phone is left at home or it is temporarily lost.

Reflecting on one's behavior and the ability to enjoy activities without relying on the phone may also indicate the presence of this phenomenon.

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In conclusion, nomophobia is a modern challenge that requires careful attention. With technology playing a central role in our lives, it is important to balance its use to ensure mental health and overall well-being.

Awareness, education, and practicing healthy habits are essential to counteract the negative effects of cell phone addiction and overcome the fear of losing connection.

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