Do you want to see me throw the podium to

“Do you want to see me throw the podium to the ground?”

After another difficult game for his team, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh wasn't at the end of his problems on Thursday evening.

As the Jets' coaching staff came under fire following a 37-20 loss to the Browns in Cleveland, ESPN reporter Rich Cimini asked Saleh for his reaction to the setback, the 10th in 16 games for his team this season.

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“You may not say how you really feel, but you don't seem particularly angry or upset,” the reporter said. Can you tell us what you think?”

The coach stayed calm…at least he tried to.

“I’m not sure I really understand the question,” he replied. Do you want to see me throw the runway to the ground?”

It must be said that there were many sources of frustration among the Jets clan in 2023. The misfortune began with the first offensive sequence of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was injured in his first game of the regular calendar. The rest wasn't exactly glorious, despite the efforts of center Zach Wilson, who was dealing with a concussion.

Nevertheless, Saleh wants to keep the positive aspects. He cited freshman Jermaine Johnson II as an example. The linebacker scored a defensive touchdown after an interception on Thursday.

“Jermaine has played excellently for us this season,” said the head coach. […] He plays at an All-Star level. He's incredible against the ground game and he gets to the quarterback. He plays despite the pain. It's nice to see him rewarded for all the work he put in last offseason. He's doing a good job. He is vastly underestimated, but he will be good for us for a long time to come.”

The Jets will finish their season next week when they visit the New England Patriots.