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Doc In Your Hands 3, Agnes dies? Final of the last episode

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In the last episode dThere will be many twists and turns in DOC 3, so everything can still change. What viewers can expect.

Audiences of the highly successful Rai series were stunned by the sudden twists and turns that followed each other in the penultimate episode of the medical drama that aired on Thursday, February 29. As usual, the share was very high; in fact, around 5 million viewers were touched. However, the end of the episode in question left questions that can only be answered when the final episode is broadcast.

What will happen? (Source Rai Play)

One of the most controversial topics is the one in question Andrea and Agnese, They were actually uncovering the truth about the events of the past. This is precisely why there is great anticipation for the broadcast of the last episode of the drama, which will take place on March 7, 2024. Another story also keeps the audience's attention high: that of Andrea and Giulia. In fact, it seems like they have decided to end their relationship for good. Viewers are therefore waiting to know whether their relationship is really over or not.

Doc 3, what will happen in the final episode?

It is currently unknown whether they have finally separated. It's good to start by analyzing the promo of the last episode, in which the two hug, a detail that gives hope to the couple's supporters. But it's also good to say that Fanti's ex-wife found out the tumor has returned so he may not make it. The audience is worried about Agnese's fate. A new phase of life could therefore open up for Doctor Fanti alongside Giordano or his ex-wife.

What will happen in the final episode of Doc 3?

During an interview at the beginning of the third season, Sara Lazzaro did not confirm her participation in the fourth season, saying that it would be appropriate to continue this character's stories only if there was something interesting to tell. Many events in the soap therefore await an answer and for this reason the final episode promises to be full of unexpected implications. There are still many unclear points that need to be clarified, but there is one that concerns fans the most.

In fact, many wonder how it is possible that passion and love broke out again between her and Andrea. The two had separated and started other affairs, so she married another man. In this regard, Luca Argentero revealed in a past interview that this season “a circle closes more than once”. Everything therefore seems to indicate that a figure between that of Giulia and that of Agnese is ready to leave the scene. It could also be true that Andrea decides to break off her relationship with her women in order to look to the future.