Does Geraldine Bazan want Gabriel Soto back Publimetro

Does Geraldine Bazán want Gabriel Soto back? Publimetro Mexico

There are endless rumors between Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto. According to the comments, a whole conspiracy was staged to break up the actor from his new love Irina Baeva, but Geraldine himself has confessed that this is completely false information.

Bazán and Soto had a relationship with two daughters, but everything between them ended for about five years.

According to Bazán, she was linked to her friend Sara Corrales, who is also a Colombian actress, to create a storyline. They both came together to end Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva’s relationship and it became the hot topic. This event was announced by a national entertainment magazine.

The publication led to the former de Soto having to take to social media to make a respectful statement. In their Instagram Stories He assured that this information was false and thanked that other media had not considered this type of rumor.

What do Internet users think?

Followers of these artists and their previous relationships left their comments: “Geraldine doesn’t want to be associated with Soto? So stop liking notes related to Soto and the Russian’s split, and stop singing hateful songs either.

“That’s a rumor made up by Gabriel to get Irina to believe him and that’s why she hates these women so let’s all say poor Gabriel they gave him a 4.”

“Gabriel Soto is very old and ugly, his ex-wife is very pretty”, “They are both immature, leave Geraldine alone”, are some messages from the fans.

Geraldine Bazán with mysterious romance

One who wasn’t far behind on Valentine’s Day was Geraldine Bazán, who held a few and posted in her stories a photo with an assumed person accompanying her, suggesting she had a great time on the day of love and friendship . He also celebrated this special date with his daughters.