Does Trump represent common sense Not really says Poilievre –

Does Trump represent common sense? “Not really,” says Poilievre –

Pierre Poilievre doesn't mince his words when it comes to rising inflation in Canada. In addition, the Bank of Canada is due to announce on January 21 whether it will maintain its key interest rate or increase it. In an interview with TVA Nouvelles, the Conservative leader wasn't exactly kind to Justin Trudeau.

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“It will be very difficult for many families who have variable rate mortgages or need to renew at a much higher interest rate than before. It will put enormous pressure on Canadian families,” said Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

According to him, it is thanks to Justin Trudeau that the cost of living is rising so much.

“Its inflationary deficits and taxes raise the cost of living, forcing the Bank of Canada to keep interest rates high,” he continues, praising the Conservatives’ “common sense” plan.

Donald Trump, “common sense”?

Pierre Poilievre refuses to comment on Republican candidate Donald Trump, who won a landslide victory in the Iowa Republican primary on Monday.

“I focus on what I can control. We need a strong Prime Minister who can negotiate and defend our interests. “Justin Trudeau failed in the last negotiations,” he says.

When asked whether Donald Trump also embodied “common sense,” Pierre Poilievre simply replied “not really.”

“My approach comes from Canada, it is unique to our country. I work for Canada. “I understand that Justin Trudeau wants to focus on other countries’ policies because his record is so terrible,” attacks the Conservative leader.

Rising rents and immigration

Specifically, Pierre Poilievre wants to build more apartments and houses to counteract the rise in rents. To this end, he would like to encourage municipalities to speed up the issuance of building permits by linking federal money to the number of houses built.

“I will also sell 6,000 federal buildings and thousands of acres of land to build affordable housing here in Canada,” he continues.

Pierre Poilievre also reiterates in an interview that increasing immigration is exacerbating the real estate crisis.

“My common sense is that the number [d’immigrants] should be linked to the number of houses and apartments built. It’s not about being pro or anti-immigration, it’s about being pro-mathematics,” he says.

Eric Duhaime, federal candidate?

Pierre Poilievre does not hide his ties to Quebec Conservative Party leader Éric Duhaime, but refuses to say whether he might one day invite him to become a federal candidate.

“The candidates are selected by our members. “He is a good person, Éric Duhaime, but I am Pierre Poilievre, I am independent of any other politician at the international level but also at the provincial level,” the opposition leader continues.

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