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Dog Chews Owner’s Big Toe While Sleeping But It Saved His Life! School education

Anyone who has a pet at home knows how full of surprises they are, right?

But the 7monthold Harley Bulldog pup starred in a story that left its owner, David Lindsay, 64, shocked and grateful at the same time.

While napping on the couch with his friend by his side, he finally woke up to a scream from his wife, who warned him that the puppy was chewing on his big toe! What a shock!

David Lindsay/SWNS

Lindsay woke up of course and realized that her finger was all bloody. But a visit to the doctor revealed that the situation could have been much worse if his faithful companion hadn’t been gnawing his finger so much. That’s right!

The diagnosis was that the big toe was injured enough to require amputation, which would have been fatal unless the pet acted quickly and efficiently. “It was a shock, but I just have to thank Harley for doing me a favor by chewing my finger off.

David Lindsay/SWNS

He saved my life!” said David, still amazed by the animal’s reaction.

Dog helped discover the diagnosis

Lindsay’s wife came to the rescue, bandaged his finger and drove him to the medical center.

Unfortunately, the bite caused an infection that forced the Brit to stay in hospital for nine days.

Doctors treated the infection with intravenous antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading to the bone.

Despite all the suffering, to everyone’s surprise, the pup’s bite turned out to be a stroke of luck and ended up revealing a shocking diagnosis.

Due to the blockage of two arteries, he was threatened with the loss of a leg and an amputation.

This was all due to a complication stemming from diabetes that caused complete numbness in his foot.

However, thanks to a procedure called Harley’s Rex Pharmacological Incision, Lindsay is currently receiving evaluations for the placement of stents that will help restore blood flow to her extremities and prevent the need for amputation.

Most surprisingly, Lindsay managed to keep her good humor and even found a funny side to the situation.

He commented that “it’s got to be laughed at” without losing heart and determination to face what lies ahead.

It’s inspiring to see how people like Lindsay can face adversity with such resilience and strength. After all, even your dog—who ended up cutting his foot—may have been an unexpected ally on this journey.

And who would have thought that losing a toe could help you keep from losing your leg?

What an incredible story of overcoming and hope!