Dogfluenceur A Chihuahua from Toronto is also causing a stir

“Dogfluenceur”: A Chihuahua from Toronto is also causing a stir on the internet internationally

A Toronto Chihuahua with more than 167,000 Instagram followers has made headlines across the pond for allegedly living a life of luxury, complete with travel and his own wardrobe. For $2,500.

“Since he was a puppy, I've liked pairing his clothes with trench coats and jeans to go with my neutral aesthetic, but Bao prefers Hawaiian shirts when he's on vacation,” the Chihuahua's owner, Xa Thi Ngoc Tran, 37, noted to the British News Agency SWNS.

Personalized gourmet meals, trips to Paris, custom silk pajamas: Three-year-old Toronto chihuahua Bao has reportedly been living his dream since his adoption in October 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because since the health measures were lifted, the dog would have made numerous trips, to Lake Louise in Alberta, then to Paris and Cancun, where the beast would have posed in luxury and in symbolic places, such as the Champs-Élysées, according to the British Press Agency, her wardrobe included 75 pieces – including a Chanel scarf – for her 167,000 subscribers.

“But the luxuries don't stop once we return to Toronto: his diet consists of nutritious raw foods and I give him homemade bone broth to support his small joints. Some may say I’m special with Bao, but he means everything to us,” the 30-year-old told SWNS.

The dog's wardrobe, which was larger than hers, was worth $2,500, she added.

However, traveling with your dog is expensive, as there are additional airline and hotel costs in addition to the mandatory pre-flight health checks and Bao's meals abroad.

“But it’s worth it,” emphasizes the thirty-year-old, who works in finance.