Dogs leash caught in doors man dies being pulled off

Dog’s leash caught in doors, man dies being pulled off subway

A man died Wednesday February 15 after dying pulled by a subwaywhen his dog’s leash, on which the man was hanging, fell behind entangled in the car doors.

The line got caught in the doors of the subway

The fatal crash occurred around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15 Dunn Loringone of the so-called “unincorporated areas” of the United States, in Fairfax County, in the state Virginia.

A man of fifty Harold RileyFather of two girls and grandfather of four girls, he brought it with him his dog Daisy on the tube and got off at Dunn Loring as the doors closed and left him on the platform and Daisy in the car.

Police offices in a subway station in the United States

However, the leash was not in his hand, but tied to the man who when the subway started, he was dragged first on the platform and then on the tracks.

emergency aid

As reported by The Washington Post, Metro spokesman Ian Jannetta said Mr Riley was taken to hospital after the incident, but is where he is. died from his injuries.

The subway police immediately wanted to make it clear that they are allowed in subway cars Assistance dogs onlylike guide dogs and small dogs stored in carriers.

Despite some early information, police said Daisy, who is currently in their care, does not appear to be a service dog.

Investigations to clarify the dynamics

The Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, a regulatory agency created by Congress to oversee the safety practices of Metrorail systems, said it is opened an investigation about the accident.

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All passenger train doors do this open and close manually by operatorconducting security checks and other protocol operations before closing the carriages and continuing the journey.

In addition, the doors are equipped with Sensors to detect obstacles and stop the movement of trains until such objects are removed, but the system only recognizes objects of a certain size, such as B. a body part, and not a leash.

The investigation should therefore hopefully lead to a result determine responsibility an absurd and certainly avoidable death.

Photo source: ANSA