1708845691 DolarToday and Dollar Monitor Price of the parallel dollar TODAY

DolarToday and Dollar Monitor: Price of the parallel dollar TODAY, February 25, in Venezuela

DolarToday published the value of the dollar in Venezuela in the yearE.g. 38.53for today, Sunday, February 25, 2024, according to the latest update on its website. On his partDollar MonitorSet the dollar average toE.g. 38,42. The price of the parallel dollar is measured by several factors: supply and demand, the daily value of the dollar issued Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) and that National Statistics Institute of Venezuela (INE)and the economic situation of the country, which is suffering from several US sanctions against the regime Nicolas Maduro.

In addition, according to the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), the official dollar rate is36.06 bolivarsdigital, which has a clear difference from the values ​​​​found on the unofficial market. This contrast between official and parallel market prices highlights the complexity of the Venezuelan economy. In this context, the Bitcoin dollar turns out to be another option in the foreign exchange market to be traded37.72 bolivarsdigital, adding an additional dimension to the country’s diverse economy.

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DolarToday today, Sunday, February 25: Price of the dollar

The portaldollars todaySet a priceE.g. 38.53per dollar today, February 25th. As they point out, this is determined based on “the average value of private establishments in the city of Caracas,” while the value of Cúcuta is determined based on the supply/demand of bolívares in that city.

1708845677 904 DolarToday and Dollar Monitor Price of the parallel dollar TODAYFind out the price of the dollar in Venezuela, according to Dolartoday for today, February 25, 2024. Photo: dolartoday.com

Dollar Monitor for today, Sunday, February 25, 2024

Dollar Monitorreflects an average ofE.g. 39.08for every dollar, according to the latest update.

1708845680 467 DolarToday and Dollar Monitor Price of the parallel dollar TODAYWatch the dollar today, February 25: Price of the dollar in Venezuela. Photo: monitordolarvenezuela.com

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What is the price of the BCV dollar TODAY, Sunday, February 25, 2024?

HeBCV dollarswas listed36.06 bolivars. The rate represents a weighted average derived from the daily operations of the active trading departments of the participating banking institutions. In this way, the US currency managed to maintain its price for the second day in a row after months of strong fluctuations. As mentioned, it closed 2023 with a 105% increase compared to the previous year, according to the Central Bank of Venezuela.

1708845682 304 DolarToday and Dollar Monitor Price of the parallel dollar TODAY BCV dollar price TODAY, February 25, 2024. Photo: Twitter / @BCV_ORG_VE

DolarToday and Monitor Dólar: thermometer of the foreign exchange market

dollars todayAndDollar MonitorThese are two platforms that have become increasingly important in an economic contextVenezuela. DolarToday, a Venezuelan-American media company, provides financial and political information with a focus on the price of the dollar in the parallel market.

On his partDollar Monitoris dedicated to publishing the daily average of thedollars in the informal marketand becomes a reference for those who want to understand market fluctuations.

As the country navigates these economic challenges, the dollar remains an important indicator of the country's financial health.Venezuela.

What are home bonds?

The Venezuelan government is continuing its programHome bonds, with the aim of supporting various population groups in the face of the economic situation. Four types of bonuses were granted in September 2023:

  • Bonus against economic war for civil servants:945 bolivars.
  • Bonus against the economic war for pensioners in the public sector:1,545 bolivars.
  • Youth job bonus:168.80 bolivars.
  • We are Venezuela Bonus:168.80 bolivars.
  • These bonds represent direct aid to Venezuelans, although the government has not yet announced specific dates for the delivery of the next subsidies.