1676615537 Dominika Paleta returns to television

Dominika Paleta returns to television

Dominika Paleta is one of the Pay recognized in the Industry of show Mexican who has been for a number of years far away of screens. And since 2016, when the actress was there pour of Soap operaThe Hotel of Secrets“, had some shares Series specialsrebel” And “sorry for others“, as well as in the movie “Mirreyes vs. Godínez 2: resignation“. Well, the Mexican-Polish artist came back for the TV How main role in the series “prime time” where you share credits with his colleagues Oscar Jaenada And Maya Zapata.

Dominika Paleta returns to television

After an absence of more than 5 years, Dominika Paleta returns to the screens with a leading role.

“My character is Bernarda, the wife of a journalist in her prime, a well-known Spanish-Mexican. We live in Mexico and are a perfect family in every way. She’s a very independent woman who has a business that “He’s healthy, he’s in a good position. But there comes a time when everything falls apart and that’s when his humanity is tested,” he said. Dominika at a meeting with the press.

The actress born in Kraków, Polandexplained that while reading the script The seriesit felt like attracted from Story And Theme realistic of which it treats. “Something I really like about both the character and this project is that there are no villains, there are no good guys or bad guys,” he said Sister greater than Ludwika Palette.

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Dominika Paleta will play in the series “Primetime”.

“There are very human and fragile people and in this lesson each of us tries to reflect those characters because you never know what life is about, you don’t know when you have an accident, when you lose the most precious thing, because be health, your partner and the ground moves. So the show is very real in that way,” he said actress.

Also before incidence his nephew Nicholas into the world of show, Dominika Palette clarifies, though offers all his Support for this young bird stage as Singer And Actorprefer none Advice.

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